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Favour Uzoma MBA
NBS is an amazing place to study. The support is so awesome. You get so much in-class support and also the employability team have been amazing

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Why did you choose to study at NTU?

I had the UK in mind before I began searching for a university. I feel like my country Nigeria, and Britain do have a link and I felt like it would be more comfortable to be here. The commonwealth shared scholarship first brought my attention to NTU because I needed to look for universities that were offering this scholarship. Also I found that NTU was a lot more responsive to my enquiry emails, I was really receiving fast responses even during weekends, I was really surprised to get that, so they were really supportive. Knowing that I have some friends that have already studied here, they told me that Nottingham was really open to international people so that was really nice to know as well.

What is the best bit about your course?

What I enjoy the most is that is it not just about theory. Here I’ve realised that a lot of terms that we use are actually used in real business situations. I got to know that because we went on a field trip to BMW and while we were interacting with the tour guide, we were actually sharing some similar terms. I was like “this is not just for the classroom”, and when our guide used specific wording we could all understand and relate. It’s really interesting for me to know that outside of university there is a very good opportunity for me.

This must have been  a huge investment in terms of time and money, do you think the investment will be worthwhile?

I am really happy I made the move to come here, it’s one of the best things that I have done for myself so far in my life. I think it’s something that I will never forget and I will see the fruits in the future.

Would you recommend your course?

Definitely. I actually have a friend of mine who is studying MSc Management and Marketing here and when I told them the story about the supply chain, the trip to BMW, and how the course is, they were really interested. Now he is studying for his course, and also he is reading books about the supply chain and wants to do another Masters here studying the supply chain!

What do you think are the best things about Nottingham for an international student?

I think it’s a very nice place. Very receptive to different people. Walking around I’ve seen a lot of different people, different faces that are from all over. It’s really a very nice place to stay as an international student. Everyone is treated equally. The city is nice, there’s a lot of places to visit. I’m really looking forward to exploring more of Nottingham in the summer.

Have you done any voluntary work while being a student here?

I participated in the Click Silver volunteer programme. It’s about trying to help aged people use computers who have not used them before in their life. It was really fun and exciting. To see their excitement and joy - that was really my benefit from it all, seeing them so excited. They looked forward to coming the next week and I was too. It was really, really fun, I really enjoyed it. I wish I could do it again. I did this for two hours once a week for six weeks.

How did you feel when you were awarded the Nigeria High Achievers Award?

Firstly I felt so proud of myself, secondly I was really happy about getting it in the first place. During my undergraduate degree people said to me that you don’t need to work too hard and stress yourself out. To have my hard work recognised when I am applying to universities abroad, just because I got a 2:1, it’s a really amazing thing.

I appreciate NTU for taking the time to really acknowledge my grade, and it’s one of the things that really made me go for NTU, so I was really happy. When I found out I had been awarded the Nigeria High Achievers award I was actually going out and I screamed! It's a motivator. I could tell someone about it and it would make the person put in effort to study harder back in Nigeria. Even if it’s not recognised in your country, you never can tell what opportunities it will give you in the future.

Is there anything you would like to say to anyone thinking of studying at NTU in the future?

NTU is so wonderful. It’s an amazing place to study. The support is so awesome. You get so much in-class support and also the employability team have also been amazing. I had my first essay for class and I compare it to now and the difference is huge. NTU prepares you for your future career. Everything goes towards making us students more employable. You won’t regret coming here.

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