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Lucy Mackie
The support available to students at NTU is unmatched with other universities.

More about Lucy

Lucy graduated with BA (Hons) Business Management and Marketing in 2021.

Why did you choose NTU and your course?

“Nottingham Business School was my initial attraction towards NTU due to its accreditations and high teaching standards. Prior to attending university, I had conversations with my a-level business teacher regarding specific courses and Business Management and Marketing stood out to me because of its creative side and the opportunity for a placement year. Upon reading more into this course I was highly keen on the subjects covered which interested me even more and I couldn’t wait to start.”

What has stood out about Nottingham Business School?

Nottingham Business School was much different than I had expected, it is modern, big and well supported by NTU. From studying at NBS I can happily say that I have developed many life skills professionally and personally. The student support team for NTU and NBS have played a large role in supporting me throughout my university experience and I strongly believe that the support they provide is one of the many things that are done successfully at NTU as it is clear they always have the student at the forefront.”

How would you rate the course facilities and why?

“Course facilities at NTU are modern and in no shortage. From IT rooms to study spaces, there is an abundance of amenities that can be accessed by students that will and can be used alongside your studies. The NTU city library has been incredibly useful to me and many other students I know who utilise it. This is a facility that should not be taken for granted by students as it is more useful than you think!”

What is your favourite thing about your course?

“Pre Covid, my favourite thing about my course was to go into the business school, grab a coffee and go to a seminar with my friend. However, my final year has been quite different to that. Post-Covid, my favourite thing about the course would have to be the availability of online resources and the extra-curricular activities such as mentoring and CPD.”

Have you had the option to personalise your course and experience at Nottingham Business School? How has this benefitted your studies?

"I have taken advantage of outside opportunities created to help personalise the course experience! Throughout the 3 years I have been with NBS I have taken part in volunteering, alumni mentoring, academic mentoring and been a course representative. All of these have really been a great addition to my course experience as I feel a larger sense of experience and responsibility which has helped me commit to my studies."

Have you had the opportunity to get involved in any volunteering projects? If so, what did this involve and how did you benefit from getting involved in this?

“At the beginning of 2020, I took part in a volunteer marketing project for a primary school with the university. This was involved in my CPD hours to help gain experience within a working environment on a marketing project. Unfortunately, we were not able to finish this project before COVID hit which meant we had to finish the project early. Nevertheless, this opportunity gave me the experience of pitching my marketing ideas to a team and working within a professional environment which helped me with much of my content in my final year.”

Have you used the services of the employability team during your time at NTU? If so, what help did they provide and how have you benefitted from it?

“The employability team helped me with my CV and cover letters many times throughout my time at NTU. They always offer brilliant advice, even if it’s just for one question. This free and welcomed advice helped me greatly with job applications and I will continue to use the graduate support once leaving NTU.”

What do you think of the support available at NBS and NTU? Think of both your course staff, student support, the employability team and global lounges.

“The support available to students at NTU is unmatched with other universities. The course staff have been incredibly understanding with many extenuating circumstances as well as putting me in touch with student support and following up on previous issues. Extra support is available to students in the form of an access statement and counselling sessions with an experienced professional. Without extra support from all of these people, my university experience would have been much, much more difficult and I have benefitted greatly.”

What's next for you after NTU?

“I am in the process of applying for graduate schemes and I am hoping to take part in the Graduate Development Programme offered by NTU with the marketing team. I have signed up to receive graduate support from the NTU employability team and will make the most of that to help me with my future career.”

Has the employability team helped you plan for life beyond NTU?

“I have signed up for graduate support from the employability team as they have been incredibly useful to me throughout my 3 years at NTU.”

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