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Shams Adam
I have gained confidence and met new contacts via networking to get the project off the ground. I have also gained a better understanding of myself as a person.

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Why did you choose Nottingham Business School and your course?

“Nottingham Business School has recently been getting enviable accolades and awards. I believe this is a testament to its great teaching methods and potential.”

Please briefly explain the project. 

"The Ghost Bus Project is about seeing the beauty in an old bus. The project combines visual and musical arts and teaches people to see beyond the “ordinary” through macro photography as captured by the award-winning author and conceptual artist Roberto Alborghetti. It is educational and environmental as it encourages us to take the time to discover the stories our environment can tell us regarding climate change and its effects. The client wants the team to commercialise the Ghost Bus film by getting sponsorship to show it digitally in four African countries to the highest audience possible, including autistics and the young and old, to evoke positive, creative emotion and inspire hidden vision. Protecting the intellectual property of the project is also a key objective. The client also needs the team to establish viability and business risks associated with entering the international markets of Ghana, Angola, Rwanda and South Africa, to circulate around autistic and conventional schools, universities and other environments within each country."

What was your involvement in the project? 

“As a team member, nominated to lead the team, my role included organising meetings, collating ideas and opinions, research and contacting relevant stakeholders, spanning from the client’s contacts in Africa to potential stakeholders like the British council, the FCDO, and potential sponsors within and outside the UK."

What resources and support have you utilised throughout your project and how did this impact the results?

“We utilised both human and material resources. The primary contacts in each of the four African countries gave us valuable insights and contacts, some of which have been contacted. The internet has aided us in our secondary research and this has given us insight and the data necessary for the team and the client to make more informed decisions."

What have you gained from working on this project?

“It was challenging at first, but as a team, we broke it down into phases. I have gained confidence and met new contacts via networking to get the project off the ground. I have also gained a better understanding of myself as a person.”

How has your experience with this project contributed to your career? 

“This project has given me room for reflective thinking, not only within myself but also an understanding of negotiations; how human behaviour and the quest for stakeholder interest can make or mar any venture. I have learnt that stakeholders have a standard subconscious question, 'what’s in it for me?', be they partners, sponsoring companies or government. Being able to answer this question upfront will speed up any project and culminate in a win-win situation.”

What advice would you give to someone applying or looking at studying on this course?

“I would advise having passion, a healthy curiosity, and a good degree of self-confidence. Reading beyond one’s discipline is also required to apply concepts learnt.”

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