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Swapnali Auti



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I always had an inclination towards becoming an entrepreneur of my own and stayed curious to learn how to set up and run a business. Deciding to pursue Master of Business Administration was a big step in my career perspective. I had assumed several job roles before attending Nottingham Business School but decided to do my Master of Business Administration at NTU which have enable me to acquire right business practices and mind-set needed to start a new business.

Nottingham Business School

It is very daunting at start to decide which university to go for which is well suited for my requirements. The number of UK universities where you can apply and their offering similarities has overwhelmed me. However, with the little bit of research and my own personal preference, I had finally chosen NTU for my MBA studies. My requirements were mainly focused on three areas while selecting university; MBA course content, its accreditation and most importantly financial aspect (course fees and number of available scholarships etc.). Nottingham Business School had scored high on all these criteria.

Studying at Nottingham Business School gave me confidence to build my career and encouraged my personal development. My personal experience of studying at NBS felt like a “flight simulator”.  Just like pilots who learn in the most realistic but safe environment before they fly out real aeroplanes. At NBS, I have trained on the real-life problems by some of the most experienced minds in the industry. Moreover, I am certain that, by the time I’m out in the real world, my habits, coaching acquired at NBS will act as muscle memory that will allow me to react to situations with right skills.

Throughout my journey at NBS, I have developed on numerous skills and qualities. Nottingham Business School gave me several opportunities to challenge my existing skills and further develop my skills and knowledge. NBS has help me uplift my confidence through organising various events and activities throughout the course. I have also developed strong leadership and management skills, which will help me in the real world.

NBS has helped me through every stage of my journey here. I have received support and guidance from NTU in different aspects like employability, course guidance and networking. It has given me a platform to learn and develop new skills and qualities and gave me an access to the large business network in the UK.

MBA Course

A range of professional bodies accredit MBA at NBS and the University has been constantly soaring up in the rankings. Recently, NTU has also been selected as University of the Year at ‘The Guardian University Awards, 2019’. Personally, I felt that MBA programme at NBS is highly valued course and course content was rich in terms of module selection, which covers a breadth of contemporary issues in the business sector and importance of leadership skills to address these issues.

Masters in business administration covers different areas of businesses like Marketing, Finance, and Operations. MBA programme covers both theoretical as well as practical study and has given me a wider perspective of the modern world businesses. I was part of an international MBA cohort where students from all around the world got their expertise to the table and learn from each other. This helped me to boost my confidence while giving presentations to a group of people. It also allowed me to get hands-on experience with the actual clients.

MBA experience

My experience as a postgraduate student at NTU was entirely different from my experience as an undergraduate. I got total exposure to different areas of businesses and further develop on my academic skills and knowledge. By doing a Masters in business administration from Nottingham Business School gave me an incredible experience to connect and experience more with a variety of real-world businesses. MBA provided me a platform to learn and assemble my MBA knowledge and implement it to make meaningful contribution to the real-world organisations


As familiar saying goes, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.

There are enormous benefits of studying at NBS and become an active member of NTU’s Student Union. I had participated in various events & seminars organised by NBS which have helped me to engage in the business networking. I have enjoyed participating in the various activities, trips etc. organised by Student Unions where I have made friends outside my classroom.

In addition, I have fortunate to be a Smart City Champion from NTU representing Nottingham City Council in Europe. This involved travelling to Europe’s other smart cities and understanding challenges and opportunities for hyper cities, socially and economically because of rapid economic growth.

From all these events and activities, I have learned new and useful skills, improved my academic performance, improved my time management skills, and they gave me a sense of commitment and responsibility.

Nottingham city

Nottingham city, also known as a city of students, has a lot to offer to students from all over the world. Nottingham is a host to a large student population. There are plenty of places for catch-up within and around the city. This city certainly has a party vibe with many pubs and restaurants around and you can make friends easily. In addition, the transportation provided within the city give you an easy access to explore the city. There are plenty of fun activities and events happening throughout the year for students.

Advise to prospective students

Being in a new place can be overwhelming at times, which challenges you to adapt to diverse situations in no time. My advice to new students will be to give yourself bit of a time for transition, have fun and stay curious.

There are lot of opportunities available to sharpen your skills or learn something new. There is always something for you to harness your interest. However, keeping yourself motivated and encouraged is the key, so take charge of your path, explore new city, new country and discover the curiosity and excitement NTU can harbour for you.

I wish you a wonderful time here at NTU and in the cheerful city of Nottingham.

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