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Tom Winning
My Postgraduate Consultancy module allowed me to apply the knowledge I had gained from my course into a real-world business scenario

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Why did you choose Nottingham Business School and your course?

"I was working for NTU prior to starting my course which provided me with an insight into the quality and calibre of the Business School. I had been considering studying a masters within Marketing and after researching the course, I knew it was right for me. I was particularly impressed with the inclusion of a CIM qualification within the course and the opportunity to engage in experiential learning."

What were your motivations to choose Postgraduate study?

"I was feeling uncertain about my future following the impact of the pandemic, which led to me considering going back into education especially as I enjoy the rewarding feeling of completing academic study. I felt it was important to develop my existing skills and learn new ones and the course content looked as though it would allow me to achieve this and help meet my career aspirations. I also recognise the importance of postgraduate study in such a competitive job market."

Tell us about your Postgraduate Consultancy module?

"My Postgraduate Consultancy module allowed me to apply the knowledge I had gained from my course into a real-world business scenario. I had the opportunity to work as a consultant for the team responsible for sourcing experience projects within the Business school. This provided me with an insight into the wide range of projects available to suit the specific skillset of each student. The module included interaction with multiple stakeholders across the university, helping me to develop personally and professionally."

What have been your highlights of your course at NBS?

"One of the biggest highlights of studying at NBS was the opportunity to meet and work with other students from a range of backgrounds and cultures. I particularly enjoyed the two modules I studied specific to my marketing communications course that involved developing marketing plans based on briefs that closely reflected real scenarios."

How has your journey and what you have learnt controbuted to your career so far?

"I did not anticipate how much I would develop over the course of a year, but my Masters study has been huge for my personal progression. There is a real focus within NBS to ensure that you understand how to apply what you learn to a real business setting. As a result, I feel confident about going into the world of work as I now search for marketing roles to kickstart my career."

What advice would you  give to someone applying or looking at studying a Masters course at NBS?

"I strongly advise anyone interested in postgraduate study at NBS to go for it if the course looks right for you. The thought of postgraduate study may seem daunting but there is lots of support available to help you through it. I would also recommend taking the range of opportunities offered by NBS, such as guest lectures, to help you develop and become competitive when applying for jobs."

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