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Yanna Anne Chimwaza

Anne Chimwaza

The staff and tutors are fantastic, helpful, supportive and kind. The Business school itself is great, and it benefits from a blend of different cultures.

More about Yanna

Tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Yanna Anne Chimwaza. I am a first-year postgraduate research student in the Business School. This is my second time to study at NTU. I first enrolled as a Master’s in Finance student in 2015 and upon completion in 2016, I decided to continue my PhD with NTU.

Why did you choose to study at Nottingham Trent University?

I decided to join NTU because the facilities of the campus are good. There is a modern library with a load of possibilities for seating and studying either quietly or in groups.

The staff and tutors are fantastic, helpful, supportive and kind. The Business school itself is great, and it benefits from a blend of different cultures.

How did you feel about coming to a UK university?

Degrees and qualifications from UK higher education institutions are known around the world as high quality and world class as such I decided to come to the UK to study.

Furthermore, a PhD generally take less time to complete in the UK than in other countries. In the UK takes between 3-4 years while in other countries it takes 5 years or more.

Tell us about your course. What is the best bit?

The best thing associated with a PHD at NTU is that you get a lot of support from staff and colleagues. This is very important for PGR where you get to do most of the tasks alone. There is also lots of support for careers throughout one’s academic journey and even afterwards.

The tutors I work with are helpful and experts in their field of study.

Would you recommend your course to other students?

I would recommend a PhD at NTU because the mode of study is well organised at each step of your PhD. The campus itself has a wonderful and uplifting vibe which makes you excited to go to University.

The school offers an opportunity to do teaching work which prepares students for the industry.

Tell us about your accommodation while at NTU. How have you found it? Best things?

As a mature student, I choose private accommodation. I was able to find     a good house at a reasonable cost which is close to the University.

The best thing with private accommodation is that I can relax at home without any interruptions which to me is the best option for PhD students who need time to relax after research work.

What do you think are the best things about Nottingham for an international student?

Nottingham is a vibrant city with lots of places to visit. If you love eating out, the city has lots of good restaurants where you can get variety of food. The people are friendly and always willing to assist when necessary.

Have you learnt anything from your experiences that you would advise future international students?

If you decide to join the NTU community make use of the all the support and facilities available for international students because this is where you get useful information about student life in Nottingham.

Secondly, take your time to visit places around the city you will find it relaxing and memorable.

Can you describe NTU in three words?

NTU is exceptional, professional and world-class

Still need help?

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