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Cassy Sinclair-Patel


United Kingdom
I have been taught the essential skills needed to develop into not just a good employee but someone that can make a difference to the livelihoods of children.

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We currently don't offer this course anymore. We do however offer a range of other undergraduate education courses.

"Nottingham Trent University was the nearest university to me that offered the Educational courses that I was interested in. Locality was the deciding factor for me as I am a single mother with two children. So I needed a university that was convenient and suitable to my life outside of my studies. I chose to embark on a degree course that I believe will propel me into entering a teaching career. I reviewed the website and prospectus and spoke with my other classmates from college about their own choices. I visited the campus after applying and once I’d seen Clifton Campus I knew this was the right place to study for the next three years of my life. Now in my final year of my undergraduate course, I am amazed at the transformation of this lovely campus with its beautiful surroundings and eco-efficient buildings."

"As a mature student I was invited to attend welcome meetings with other new students to discuss the university and its facilities and support available. These discussions helped me to confirm that NTU was the right place."

"As part of the course a six week placement module had to be undertaken in which a reflective portfolio was needed to pass. With the help of my lecturers I decided to do my placement in China. I worked with one of NTU’s The Hive organisations, Flying Cows, to help organise this opportunity as an English Teaching Assistant. My lecturers and the employability team were very helpful in providing me with the relevant information and to help access any travel bursaries available to me to help in my venture."

"I spent nearly two months in Dalian, China. I worked for an established English Training School who trained me to deliver English lessons in their settings and placed me in accommodation with English teachers whom were already living there. The time that I had in China was an unforgettable experience. I made long lasting friendships and experienced a culture and lifestyle that is incomparable to anything I have ever known. My first time working abroad opened my eyes up to the many possibilities I have outside of the UK. I learnt new things about myself and gained new skills beneficial to my employment prospects. Furthermore, the placement module allowed a greater understanding for the modules taught after. This course has interweaved many aspects of learning content together even though two different strands are taught."

"This course has enabled me to be more confident in my own professional ability. The opportunity to embark on a work placement as part of my degree gave me a much needed self-esteem boost to push me towards what I want to do and how to go about getting to where I want to be. I have been taught the essential skills needed to develop into not just a good employee but someone that can make a difference to the livelihoods of children. Doing a joint honours programme has enabled me to learn about two aspects of education and care in the UK that brings awareness to the everyday practices our children are facing today."

"This course has shown me that there is more to ‘teaching’ than in a traditional classroom but that teaching is about learning and reflecting.  Early years care and education in the UK is constantly changing and new policies continually affect the way in which we have to work.  This course, likewise, includes the most up-to-date information possible, whether it's discussed in a lecture or seminar, posted on the twitter feeds, daily emails from lecturers and seminar leaders, or even just a chat with your course colleagues."

"The Education Joint Honours programmes are all great in preparing you for the world of work as they incorporate modules that can effectively link with the employability market and make relevant associations to practical ways of doing things to better understand the theoretical knowledge."

"I have had a great experience at NTU. Being an older student and having a family I am not able to be as social as other students. However, the university has offered me many opportunities to meet others and network with employers and professionals. I have taken part in Notts4Grads, worked abroad and experienced classroom literacy and phonics practice as part of a coaching and mentoring module I opted for. I have become a course rep for one of my degree strands which enabled me to gain a higher platform for others to know who I am and to be a person that they like to share their ideas with. I am now finding ways to boost my CV and postgraduate application by helping to volunteer on one of the many NTU volunteering projects, as well as improving my own employability skills by taking part in NTU’s Acceler8 Employability Award."

"I have made a number of lasting friendships with like-minded people. By getting involved in activities that NTU and the Student's Union have to offer I have become more confident and more self-assured. I have been able to develop a greater sense of my own identity and have realised that my learning does not stop at NTU, but throughout life."

"The support I’ve received from staff on all levels, whether it be a personal tutor, lecturer, seminar leader, library staff or even the lovely security team has been overwhelmingly accommodating and supportive. They are always on-hand to answer questions and help. The useful learning rooms on NOW make it so much easier to pinpoint where to get help and guidance. All staff are highly knowledgeable and when they do not have an answer they try their best to direct you to the right place or person to help.  During my time studying I have had a mix of various lecturers and seminar leaders which has been great to receive input from so many brilliant minds."

"This course is a great platform for entering professions within the Education field and other areas where you can work with and for children. You will learn about practices in the UK and international perspectives. There is excellent support given from your lecturers and tutors. The learning rooms on NOW and the guidance from the library are all useful in ensuring that you succeed and do well on your chosen course. Even though you choose a particular course you still mix with other students who will be studying different strands. This means that there is always someone to give input, help, socialise and debate with. Not to mention the Institute is situated within the Clifton Campus which has seen expansion with eco-friendly buildings, large sports fields for various sports alongside the gym and a library facility that is remarkable. The only thing missing is you!"

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