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Erin White


United Kingdom
I was awarded the Samee Mozumder Scholarship in my first year of study. This was such an honour and I consider it to be one of my highest achievements.

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About your studies...

What did the Samee Mozumder Scholarship mean for you and your studies at NTU?

I was awarded the Samee Mozumder Scholarship in my first year of study. This was such an honour and I consider it to be one of my highest achievements. Not only does Samee’s story resonate so powerfully with me, the scholarship gave me an opportunity that I would have struggled to succeed without. The financial support meant that, for the first time in my life, I was able to focus solely on my studies. I will always be extremely grateful to Samee’s family and NTU as this scholarship allowed me to put all my energy into my degree.

Why did you choose to study at Nottingham Law School and NTU?

I had always heard amazing things about NTU and particularly Nottingham Law School. This was also evident through the extensive list of awards the university has received. I decided to attend one of NTU’s open days and I instantly fell in love with the university and Nottingham as a city. NTU provides students with a wide range of opportunities, ranging from societies and hobbies to employment and course specific facilities. Nottingham Law School was particularly impressive to me. Opportunities such as working in NLS Legal are extremely rare. Overall, the exhaustive list of opportunities that NTU provides for students stood out to me as it represented how NTU really cares about their students and helping them to succeed.

What recent assignments have you had? What has stood out?

Throughout my time studying Law, I have had the pleasure of exploring a large range of modules. For me, my favourites from each year have been Contract law, Commercial law and Employment law. I found these modules particularly interesting. Furthermore, although they remained intellectually stimulating, I found that I had a great understanding of the topics involved. The teaching on these modules stood out to me because it was interesting and fun. I always enjoyed going to my seminars for these modules.

In terms of recent assignments, law is usually examined through either a piece of coursework or an exam at the end of the year. This is good as it allows you to begin revising as early as you wish. Throughout the year I always consolidated my knowledge on a weekly basis. When it came to exam period, I would spend a lot of my time re-writing the information I needed onto flash cards and reciting and memorising those flash cards. I found this to be the most effect method of revision for me personally. I would always recommend this method to any law student as there is so much information, case names and dates to remember.

What marks out of 10 would you give for course facilities and why?

10/10. Much like the wide range of opportunities, there is also a complete list of course facilities available to students. For example, the online portal called NOW encompasses module learning rooms. These learning rooms are filled with all of the course content which students have access to at any time. Furthermore, all lectures are recorded and uploaded, you can even adjust the speed of the lecture which I personally found extremely useful. There is also a full library which includes books on every topic. The library also has a really good search tool which makes books easy to locate.
There are also many places for students to study between classes and tutors are regularly available to talk to about any queries.

Does the “real” NTU match what you’d imagined? How does it compare with your friends experience at other universities?

NTU is even better than what I ever could have expected. I, like many others, was really nervous to come to university however NTU made it incredibly easy for me. I know that friends from other universities have not received near the amount of guidance and support that I have experienced. At NTU, I know that I can always rely on tutors for quick and useful responses to queries. Furthermore, there are so many places on campus where I can go to for useful information. My friends at other universities are always astounded when we compare our university experiences.

How would you promote NTU to potential students in 10 words or fewer?

NTU prioritise success, a happy atmosphere and overall student wellbeing.

About living in Nottingham...

What three words would you use to describe Nottingham?

Lively, student friendly and diverse.

Nottingham is the UK’s best student city. Agree or disagree?

Agree! There are so many fun places to visit and it is affordable to live. Furthermore, as there are two big universities in Nottingham, it is filled with students.

Where would you recommend visiting in Nottingham?

I would recommend Wollaton Hall and Deer Park! It is a lovely park which is nice to go for long walks, it is especially nice to get out of the city. There are also deer wandering around which is really cute.
I would also recommend a wander around Lace Market. There are loads of quirky cafés, bars and vintage shops.

Where is a good place to live as a student?

I have lived in both the Arboretum and Lenton which are both ideal places to live as a student. Lenton is slightly further out however it allowed me to understand the city much better. The Arboretum is right next to NTU which also makes it a short walk away from the city. Both places are filled with students and have lots of shops, parks and bus/tram routes nearby!

Did you find it easy to make friends at NTU?

Yes! I found that living in halls definitely helped. At the start of freshers week, I was really nervous. However, with the help of the freshers reps I soon relaxed and became more confident! Everyone is in the same position at the end of the day so its important to remember that and put yourself out there.

If you had a (non-academic) problem. Who would you talk to? What would you do?

One of NTU’s main priorities is the health and wellbeing of all students. There is always someone available to talk to regarding personal matters. For me personally, I would speak to my form tutor. She has made me feel so comfortable at NTU and I genuinely feel that I can talk to her about any matter.

There is also a health centre on campus that all students can book an appointment with. During registration, there are people on campus available to help you with signing up.

NTU also encourages all students to open up regarding mental health issues. There are people at student services that students can talk to, if needed.
Overall, there are a wide variety of people available on campus to support student wellbeing.

About the future...

What’s next for you after NTU?

I am going to continue on for another year at NTU to do my masters! I have had the best three years at the university and therefore I would not want to do my masters anywhere else. I hope after that I can begin a training contract and proceed to train to become a solicitor.

Has the employability team helped you plan for life beyond NTU?

I have visited the employability team a number of times and they have always been really useful. As I am continuing on for another year, I have not been looking for work. However, they have helped me to build my CV and have given me advice regarding my queries around work experience.

Still need help?

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