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Sukai Bangura


Being considered for the Brenda Howe Africa Scholarship was a turning point in my career, which set me on a path to proceed with further legal studies.

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Nottingham Trent University offered three things I could not find at any other institution. First, the diversity and welcoming student environment, as reviewed by its students, were ever so encouraging. You always feel close to home here, which was important to me as an international student studying abroad. Secondly, the curriculum being offered was a perfect fit for my career objectives. The modules directly dealt with my experiences at the time and my desired career path. Finally, NTU is highly rated and well recommended for its exceptional academic excellence.

Before joining NTU's postgraduate community, I graduated with a Bachelors in Law from the University of The Gambia and worked in administration for six years at various levels during and after the completion of my studies. I looked to develop my skills in corporate law, so I sought to pursue an LLM in Corporate and Insolvency Law. Not only would the LLM help me consolidate my experiences and gain further skills in the legal field, but it would also enable me to lead, manage and develop a strong legal framework, with the full confidence of holding a highly respected and internationally recognised Masters qualification.

Being considered for the Brenda Howe Africa Scholarship Award was a turning point in my career, which set me on a good path to proceed with further legal studies. When I was informed of my offer, my heart skipped a beat; it has been my greatest accomplishment so far.

I am forever indebted to Mrs. Howe for her generosity, as without the scholarship I would not have attained my desired qualifications any time soon. It has been a far-fetched dream to pursue a postgraduate degree as its possibilities were quite slim, but now I'm living the reality.

The UK system of learning as compared to the Gambian education system is basically the same, as we both follow the common law and critical writing is a fundamental element of legal studies. However, what differs are the resources available for research and feedback on work either prior to submission, as given through NTU library workshops, or from lecturers upon the completion of tasks. The readily available library resource and its services are invaluable and significantly aid research work and continuous assessment.

The NOW learning room is the go-to place for all information relating to your studies, is how you are updated on submitted assessments, feedback and current events, and is how you receive NTU mail. It is amazing that you could keep up with your course on a single platform and at the same time share your portfolio and ideas with colleagues.

After graduation, I intend to proceeding to take on the LLM Bar Professional Training Course and qualify as a barrister, pursuing a career as an insolvency practitioner in the near future.

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