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Adeola Felix
The combination of detailed modules, facilities, experienced lecturers, award-winning student support and student community means NTU provides a student experience that is hard to match.

More about Adeola

Why NTU?

What inspired you to study your subject?

"I have worked as a community care coordinator for eight years where I care for the elderly, vulnerable individuals and those with health difficulties within the community. I have also worked with the medical team during medical outreach where I assist in dispensing prescribed medications for individuals with medical challenges.

My prior experiences relating to and caring for people inspired me to study health and social care. I wanted to gain an academic and professional qualification, in order to fulfil my dreams and aspirations in helping and caring for people, especially vulnerable individuals, to enhance better quality of life."

Why did you choose your course and NTU?

"I chose to study Health and Social Care because it can have a direct impact on people's lives by focusing on their wellbeing. It’s also a qualification that opens up lots of career pathways.

I choose to study at NTU because the course is tailored towards expected learning outcomes and is highly focused on work-based learning. The combination of detailed modules, facilities, experienced lecturers, award-winning student support and student community means NTU provides a student experience that is hard to match."

What’s your experience been like of your course so far?

"My experience has been first-rate. The course lecturers have been very clear and detailed in delivering individual modules at all levels of understanding which has made the course accessible and interesting.

Feedback from each module lead has also sharpened my knowledge and understanding of what is expected of me during my study at NTU and in professional practice."

What does Social Sciences mean to you?

"Social sciences is a very broad field of study with diverse professional courses which are centred on the study of society and approaches in which people behave and contribute to impact the world.

It is an academic branch of study which deals with human behaviour and interactions with each other within society."

On Placement

Have you completed any work placements on your course?

"I took part in a work placement during my second year of study where I worked at a home care company. Here I cared for service users in the comfort of their homes in a person-centred way in order to improve their quality of life I also got involved in the administrative side of things.

I improved my communication by relating to different individuals according to their needs and priorities, as well as learning how to be more tolerant and observant when attending to service users.

What I enjoyed most was the comfort, joy and satisfaction shown by service users after carrying out my daily responsibilities. Their happiness gave me joy. I also enjoyed the fact that I had to move from one house to the other to care for different individuals and update their care plans where necessary."


What do you think of the support available from tutors and staff at NTU?

"The commitment, support, teaching, equality and resilience the tutors and staff show are second to none. The taught modules were all impactful and valuable to my career which contributed positively to my academic success and achievements."

Outside of the Lecture Theatre

Did you find it easy to make friends and settle in at NTU?

"Nottingham is a very friendly and peaceful community where it is easy to relate and meet accommodating people. NTU is an inclusive university which welcomes diverse ethnicities and races which makes it very easy to relate with people."


What top tips would you give anyone thinking about studying your course at NTU?

"Focus on good academic practice, social skills and balancing priorities.
Don’t be afraid to stand behind what you know.
Always stay committed towards your studies and stay focused while you study.
Keep an open mind, get to know people and get involved.  
Be enthusiastic about your subject."

As an International Student

Why did you want to study in the UK?

"I came to study in the United Kingdom to gain a qualification that would enhance my career progression enabling me to impact society both locally and internationally.

Universities in the UK offer world-class education. The quality of teaching is superb and consistently perform well in world rankings. The length of study is also less in comparison to other countries with affordable tuition fees."

What experiences have you had as an international student at NTU?

"Everybody is treated equally irrespective of race, ethnicity or gender."

What advice would you give to help new international students get settled in at university?

"As an international student, with patience, eagerness to learn and perseverance you'll achieve your goals."

Still need help?

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