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Kelese Hyacinth


United Kingdom
Studying has made me grow as a person and taught me so many things I would of never known and provided me with amazing experiences and opportunities. I’ve made new friends and learnt how to multi-task to a tee!

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Why did you choose the School of Social Sciences / Nottingham Trent University?
"For me Nottingham Trent University (NTU) was the only choice of uni. This is because Nottingham is my hometown, NTU is only a bus journey away for me and it was the most convenient uni for me to go to while my son goes to school. A few of my friends studied at NTU and mentioned how great it was, so I was not hesitant to apply!"

What do you feel is the best aspect about studying at the School of Social Sciences?
"The best aspect for me would be to continuous support from all the lecturers it is fantastic! And I really needed it at certain times throughout the course. They are very understanding and approachable which makes everything 10 times better."

What do you think about Nottingham as a city for students?
"Nottingham is a great city, and for students it offers many things one of the best being nights out! Great food, shops and many different activities to do and sites to see."

Can you explain a little about your course?
"When I applied to NTU to study Youth Studies I did not know what exactly to expect. I knew I wanted to work with young people but was unsure in what field. After my first week I was surprised to find out all the subjects and areas we would be covering, I didn’t realise it how fascinating and broad they would be. The Youth studies degree has taught me so much about young people and about myself! I have enjoyed my time studying this degree as I have leant so much. My favourite part of the course is youth justice as this is an area I hope to go into in the future."

How does the School of Social Sciences provide you with support, advice and guidance?
"The support on this course for me has been amazing. During the start of my first week back of second year I had a baby (I know crazy me!). My course leader at the time was very supportive and let me know all the help and support that was available for me. I found it really hard juggling my seven year old son, and a new born baby… and whilst not forgetting all the assignment deadlines approaching and trying to keep on top of them. My lecturers were so understanding and provided me with help all the way through. If I didn’t have that support I don’t think I would have made it through my second year."

How has the School of Social Sciences influenced your future plans or career aspirations?
"Youth Studies has inspired to want to follow my passion of working with young offenders, as I feel more confident I have a better understanding within this area. I currently do voluntary work at a youth offending attendance centre which I heard about through an NTU alumni event and I also volunteer at the Nottingham Youth Commission (both opportunities came through my NTU email so it’s important you read them!). Although these are voluntary, it has given me a foundation, somewhere to start and before I started NTU I didn’t have that. So I feel this has set me up for my future and I have NTU to thank for that."

What advice would you give to students considering studying at the School of Social Sciences?
"Go for it! If its what you want to do, why wait? I had been out of education for over six years before I started NTU. I was 25 when I started and thought I was too old to go. My son was five years old at that time and I thought everyone would think I was crazy going back into education so late. Having the courage to apply and start my degree has been one of the best life changing experiences to happen to me."

"Studying has made me grow as a person and taught me so many things I would have never known and provided me with amazing experiences and opportunities. I’ve made new friends and learnt how to multi-task to a tee! Being a mature(ish) student with two children is hard, I can’t lie, but it’s been worth it, and it is doable – I’m living proof! I honestly did not have much confidence when I started and thought there is no way I’ll make it through first year. And I did! Now I’m in my last year of studies and volunteering every weekend. If you’re passionate about something don’t let anything hold you back, it’s never too late. And the School of Social Science at NTU is a great place to study, their support and guidance is so good you won’t be disappointed!"

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