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Moein Anari


My experience of the course has been overwhelmingly positive. The course is well-organized and structured, with a clear plan and accountability system in place.

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Why NTU?

Why did you choose to study a postgraduate degree in Psychology?

"The decision to pursue a postgraduate degree was motivated by both professional and personal aspirations. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in counselling and working as a psychology assistant in a clinic for one year, followed by three years of experience in the education sector as a teacher and school counsellor, it became evident that further education was necessary to qualify for advanced practice in the therapy field.

The desire to expand knowledge in psychology, in terms of depth and breadth, while drawing upon the expertise of faculty members in a university setting, was also a driving force in this decision.

Given the increased requirements for advanced practice in the therapy profession, a postgraduate degree appeared to be the most practical and feasible means of achieving these goals. In addition to professional development, personal growth was a significant factor in this decision. Pursuing a postgraduate degree would allow for the acquisition of a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of psychology while benefiting from the knowledge and experience of faculty members at the university.

Thus, the decision to pursue a postgraduate degree was driven by a combination of professional requirements and personal goals. It was seen as a practical and viable way to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to advance in the therapy profession while also satisfying personal aspirations."

Why did you choose your course at NTU? 

"The rationale for selecting the course at NTU was based on several factors. First, the accreditation by the British Psychological Society (BPS) provided assurance that the program met the rigorous standards set by the professional body. This accreditation ensured that the course content was current and relevant to the field, as well as meeting the requirements for professional accreditation.

Secondly, the program offered a wide range of subjects, which was important for gaining a comprehensive understanding of psychology. The variety of topics ensured that students had the opportunity to explore different areas of interest and develop a broader skill set. This was advantageous for those seeking to pursue a career in psychology, as it provided them with the flexibility to specialize in areas that aligned with their interests and career goals.

Thirdly, the different means of assessment offered by the program provided a diverse learning experience. The use of various assessment methods, such as essays, exams, presentations, and practical assessments, challenged students to develop different skills and knowledge. This not only prepared students for a variety of assessment methods in the future but also enhanced their overall learning experience.

Fourthly, the facilities and services available at NTU were significant factors in the decision to choose the course. The university offered state-of-the-art facilities, including well-equipped laboratories and libraries, which were essential for conducting research and accessing relevant resources. In addition, the student support services were highly regarded, ensuring that students had access to a range of support services to assist them throughout their studies.

Lastly, the popularity of the course among students, as evidenced by the awards and ranks of competence attained by the university, was another compelling factor in the decision-making process. The recognition received by NTU for its excellence in teaching and research, as well as the positive feedback from current and past students, reinforced the university's reputation and was indicative of the quality of education offered by the institution.

The decision to select the course at NTU was based on a combination of factors, including accreditation by BPS, a broad range of subjects, different means of assessment, facilities and services, and the popularity of the course among students. The course was deemed the most suitable option for achieving academic and career goals in the field of psychology."

What’s your experience been like of your course so far?

"My experience of the course thus far has been overwhelmingly positive. The course is well-organized and structured, with a clear plan and accountability system in place. The supportive and responsive nature of the faculty has been particularly noteworthy, as they are always available to provide guidance and support whenever needed.

In addition, the hospitality culture of the university has created a welcoming and inclusive environment, which has been instrumental in promoting personal growth and development. The supportive nature of the university has allowed me to feel safe and secure while exploring new areas of knowledge and skills.

One highlight of the course has been the opportunity to engage with a dynamic community of learners. The collaborative nature of the course has allowed for the exchange of ideas and perspectives, which has broadened my understanding of psychology and the wider world. The interactive nature of the course has enabled me to engage in active learning, which has been particularly rewarding and stimulating."

Have you been involved in any projects or extra-curricular activities that have supplemented your studies run through NTU?

"During my time at NTU, I have had the opportunity to participate in several extracurricular activities and projects that have complemented my studies. As a member of the NTU Ambassadors, I have been involved in various activities that have nurtured my skills in psychology.

One of the highlights of my involvement in the NTU Ambassadors was my role in an event where I was able to apply my theoretical knowledge of social psychology in a real-world setting. This experience allowed me to practice and apply my transferable skills to interact better with people, which was a valuable learning opportunity.

Being part of the NTU Ambassadors has also provided me with an opportunity to enhance my communication and interpersonal skills. The activities have involved working with people from diverse backgrounds and communicating effectively with them. This experience has been particularly valuable in preparing me for a career in psychology, where effective communication is essential.

Moreover, being part of the NTU Ambassadors has enabled me to contribute to the university community in a meaningful way. By promoting the university and its values to prospective students and visitors, I have been able to give back to the university and enhance its reputation."

What does Social Sciences mean to you?

"To me, Social Sciences is a discipline that focuses on understanding human behaviour, society, and culture. Specifically, it helps me to tune in to my interpersonal relationships, as many aspects of our lives as social beings make sense only in interactions with others. Therefore, I find it necessary to learn the science behind our social interactions and empower my social skills using this knowledge.

In addition to its practical applications, I also see social sciences as a means to satisfy my personal interests in human lives as a whole. Each individual has a unique way of living in a social world, and yet it is impossible to find the exact same way of living in any two people. It fascinates me when I learn about the variable, systematic, and logical manners by which each individual endeavours to find their way in life.

Moreover, Social Sciences offer a range of opportunities to transform lives through frontline services. Through Social Sciences, individuals can work towards improving the lives of people in their communities by developing and implementing policies that promote social justice and equality. By studying Social Sciences, one can gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of social issues and develop effective strategies to address them."


What do you think of the support available from tutors and staff at NTU?

"In my experience, the support available from tutors and staff at NTU has been exceptional. The staff members have been readily available and supportive, despite their busy schedules. Their help and guidance throughout each module have empowered my confidence to fully grasp the provided knowledge.

Furthermore, the tutors have been particularly supportive, offering sympathetic reviews and reminders of the path ahead. This facilitates students’ planning and puts their minds into a structured and rational plan for their studies, reducing anxiety. The tutors have also been able to provide detailed and constructive feedback, which has allowed me to further develop my understanding of the material covered in class."

Outside of the Lecture Theatre

Did you find it easy to make friends and settle in at NTU?

"In regard to settling in and making friends at NTU, I found the social and vibrant environment to be beyond my expectations. The process of making friends and acquaintances was easier than I had anticipated. Additionally, I never felt excluded or segregated outside of the lecture hall.

This sense of inclusivity and community at NTU has been a vital component of my positive experience thus far. The supportive and welcoming environment has allowed me to thrive academically and personally, as I have been able to form meaningful connections with fellow students and colleagues."

The Next Steps

What’s next for you after NTU?

"Upon completing my studies at NTU, I have developed sufficient experience, knowledge and skills necessary to achieve my further goals. My next step is to explore various career options and pursue a role as a psychology assistant or school psychologist.

I plan to utilize the comprehensive education and practical experience gained through my studies at NTU to pursue these career paths. My goal is to apply the theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired during my studies to make a positive impact in the field of psychology.

Furthermore, I intend to continue learning and advancing my education in the field of psychology to further develop my skills and knowledge. I believe that this ongoing learning will be essential in achieving my long-term career aspirations."

How is NTU helping you to achieve your career goals?

"NTU is playing a significant role in helping me achieve my career goals by providing me with the necessary skills and knowledge required for my desired profession.

One way in which NTU is facilitating my career goals is by providing comprehensive and practical education in the field of psychology. The university offers a broad range of courses that cover all essential aspects of the subject and enables me to acquire a deep understanding of psychology. This in-depth knowledge is essential for pursuing a career in psychology, and NTU has provided me with the foundation I need to succeed.

Moreover, NTU has equipped me with essential skills such as research, team working, creative problem-solving, and critical thinking. These skills are essential in the field of psychology and are fundamental requirements for my desired career path. The university has provided me with ample opportunities to develop these skills through coursework, research projects, and extracurricular activities.

Additionally, the university has a robust careers service that has been immensely helpful in guiding me towards my desired career path. The careers service provides a range of resources such as career fairs, employer events, and job postings that have been instrumental in helping me understand the opportunities available to me and how to achieve my career goals."

Has the employability team helped you plan for life beyond NTU as a postgraduate student?

"The employability team at NTU has been instrumental in helping me plan for my life beyond being a postgraduate student. Their assistance has been invaluable in painting a clear picture of what employability procedures might be like once I finish my course and begin seeking a career. This has not only helped me to plan my future effectively but also to anticipate and prepare for any challenges I may encounter with regard to employability. The team has offered relevant and practical support, which has enabled me to feel confident about my career prospects after completing my postgraduate degree."

As an International Student

Why did you want to study in the UK?

"As a graduate of a high-ranking university in Iran, my desire to pursue further education in psychology and expand my knowledge and experience led me to explore study options in different countries. After careful consideration, I chose the United Kingdom as my preferred destination due to various reasons. Firstly, as a non-native English speaker, I found it easier to communicate and utilise the language in an English-speaking country. Additionally, the UK has a prestigious reputation for higher education, particularly in the field of psychology, making it an attractive option for me. The cultural diversity and international community present in the UK further solidified my decision to study here. Overall, studying in the UK provides me with the opportunity to enhance my academic and personal growth in a vibrant and diverse environment."

What experiences have you had as an international student at NTU?

"As an international student at NTU, I have had a range of experiences that have helped me to settle in and succeed in my studies. Initially, I felt overwhelmed and slightly confused during my first week of studying at NTU. I was worried about my academic path throughout the course and started to doubt my abilities. However, I soon realized that my journey in this course could be much easier than I expected. Each module had its own clear and straightforward way to address any possible issues that students might encounter.

NTU offers various support sessions, tutorials, and extra academic support from the library, which has ensured that there are no reasons for questioning my studies."

What advice would you give to help new international students get settled in at university?

"To help new international students settle in at university, I would advise them to be proactive and take initiative in meeting new people. It's important to overcome any shyness or fear of socializing and engage with as many coursemates as possible. Socializing not only helps to build relationships and friendships but also creates opportunities for academic collaboration and knowledge-sharing. Additionally, I would emphasize the importance of time management and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. Time is limited and moves quickly, so it's essential to start planning and taking action towards academic and personal goals from the very beginning. It's also crucial to seek out resources and support offered by the university, such as counselling services, academic advisors, and cultural clubs, which can provide valuable guidance and help foster a sense of belonging in a new environment."

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