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Sofia Karamat


United Kingdom
I would describe being an NTU student as being quite free, being able to express myself, being surrounded by different types of people who are unapologetically them.

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Why NTU…

Why did you choose NTU and your course?

NTU was not my first choice, I didn’t know much about Nottingham but for some reason I was interested in potentially going there.
When results day came and I called up NTU, I was so happy to be accepted doing what I love (Politics) and I was so excited to expand my expertise and become more knowledgeable in the field.
Since the beginning of secondary school, I have been into Politics and democracy. I have always tried to be the voice of the unheard, ensuring that there is a safe space to discuss our experiences. I applied to University in hopes of being the first Mixed Black & South-Asian MP.

Could you describe your experience of being an NTU student?

I would describe being an NTU student as being quite free, being able to express myself, being surrounded by different types of people who are unapologetically them. Nottingham is quite slowed down pace compared to London but its nice because it creates a calm environment
I have had some of the same lecturers from 1st year and I just love and cherish them so much, I’m not afraid to ask for help and they are so willing to give, and I love that! I truly feel supported by my lectures’, and I know that if I need extra assistance on something, they are here to give it.

How would you describe the support from your tutors, university staff and student services?

Overall, the support from all staff especially my lecturers has been great, I feel listened to and supported!
The Employability team has also been very helpful in understanding what I want to do after university and aided me in finding the best suited paths for me.

On Placement…

Have you completed any work placements on your course? If so, tell us about your experience – where did you go, what did you do, what skills have you gained and what have you enjoyed the most?

I designed a policy brief during my 2nd year about Coronavirus and how the local Nottingham government can work together with local business and students to
1) Improve Student isolation and mental health issues
2) Improve the financial distress faced by local businesses and charities.
Through this placement, I was able to understand the policy process better and have practice working towards creating change for those in need.

Do you have any memorable moments from your placement?

Not specific to my placement, more in relation to moments from my 3 year course
I had the honour of participating in the Youth Cabinet Leadership Conference, engaging with members of Nottingham City Council about what steps can be taken to improve the quality of life for their citizens. The issues ranged from equality and inclusion to environmental issues, I was also able to speak to MP Nadia Whittome, questioning her about her experiences as a young MP.
I was one of the chairs at the 2020 NTU Group Discussion on Structural Racism where I engaged with the participants, discussing the questions, and noting down their views on the topics.

I have also successfully pushed for free wifi for students when online learning was adopted due to Covid-19, and during my second year at university, I was appointed equality, diversity and inclusion officer for student parliament and NTSU School Officer for the department of Social Sciences.

Do you have any advice for future students going on placement?

Find something within your best interested, the more passion you have, the more enjoyable it will be 

Outside of the Lecture Theatre…

What three words would you use to describe Nottingham?


Where is a good place to eat, drink or visit in the city?

1.Solo Grano
3.Horse riding (just out of city but not too far)
4.Free farm

Did you find it easy to make friends and settle in at NTU?

Kind of, I’m an outgoing person so I will put myself out there whereas some others are shy by overall everyone is kind 

The Next Steps…

Has the employability team helped you plan for life beyond NTU?

Yes it has, I have worked closely figuring out my options

What would you say to someone who is thinking of applying to NTU?

Go for it, explore a new city and embark on your new life!

What is one thing you wish you knew before starting at NTU?

What was available to me, resources, buildings etc

Still need help?

+44 (0)115 941 8418
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