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MSc Data Science Scholarships for School of Science and Technology

The Office for Students (OfS) supports a number of scholarships for MSc Data Science students worth £10,000, that aims to target students often under-represented in this industry, particularly focusing on female, black and registered disabled students.

Other categories that are under-represented include:

  • students from POLAR Q1 and Q2
  • care leavers
  • estranged students
  • Gypsy, Roma or traveller students
  • refugees
  • children from military families
  • veterans and partners of military personnel.

These competitive scholarships are worth £10,000 and are available for students who have received an offer to study the MSc Data Science course in September 2021.

We award scholarships to applicants who most closely meet or exceed the criteria for the award. The scholarship decision is made by an awarding committee and all decisions of that awarding committee are final.

Terms and conditions for the MSc Data Science Scholarships

  1. To be eligible for consideration for a scholarship, applicants must have been offered a place on an eligible course (excluding MBA, EMBA, GDL, LPC, BTC and exchange students).
  2. Please do not send your scholarship application before or with your application to study at NTU.
  3. This scheme is open to UK, international and EU applicants.
  4. Students who are sponsored (i.e. tuition fees are being paid) by their employers, government or a funding body (full / part) are not eligible to apply for these scholarship awards.
  5. Applicants are only able to apply for a scholarship once per academic year per offer of a place on a qualifying course.
  6. Applicants are only eligible to apply for a scholarship if they are due to enrol on the first year of their course in September 2021 or January 2022. Students due to enrol onto the second year of their course in September 2021 or January 2022 or students repeating their first year of study are not eligible to apply.
  7. Applicants must be starting a new course. We cannot consider applications from students who are currently studying at NTU unless progressing onto a new course.
  8. Applications received after the 16:00 GMT (4 pm) deadline will not be considered.
  9. This application form is for eligible postgraduate taught Masters courses only. Please do not use this form to apply for research funding.
  10. If you have been made an offer of a place to study on a one year full-time or two year part-time postgraduate master’s course, scholarships of up to a maximum of half the tuition fee are available.
  11. The scholarships will be a tuition fee reduction. If you are awarded a scholarship, your fee will be adjusted before you enrol. If you are a part-time student your fee will be adjusted proportionally at the start of each academic year.
  12. If the tuition fee payable (currently at £8,500 for UK students and £15,500 for international/EU students) is lower than the scholarship amount, the remaining scholarship funding for an individual will be allocated to the student as a stipend at three payment dates.
  13. The scholarship is not transferable and will not be awarded if you choose to defer your entry to a different start date, or if you choose to transfer to a different course at the University.
  14. Applicants will be informed whether they have (or have not) been awarded a scholarship (and of the value of the scholarship award if they have been awarded) within four weeks of the application deadline dates.
  15. The scholarship will be awarded when an applicant accepts their scholarship offer, accepts and meets the conditions of their course offer, and are eligible to enrol on the course. If you do not formally accept the scholarship within the deadline when requested, then the University reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship and award the scholarship to another candidate.
  16. Scholarships are competitive and selection is based on the information provided on the scholarship application form. It is, therefore, of great importance that you give your scholarship statement careful thought and preparation, and that you refer to the criteria provided.
  17. The University’s decision in all matters relating to the scholarship is final.
  18. If your scholarship application is successful, we may ask you to become a student ambassador, or appear in online and / or printed marketing materials for the University. For example, providing a student profile and a photograph which may be used to promote the University and the University’s scholarship schemes and courses. Your name and course will be printed in the Scholarships Awards Celebration Programme. If you do not wish for us to use your data in this manner, please notify us as soon as possible by emailing
  19. In the event that a student fails to complete an eligible course which has received the scholarship and chooses to retake the course or undertake another eligible course then the scholarship will not be applied again.
  20. In the event that a student fails to complete a course and the scholarship was not applied (i.e. the student did not pay the tuition fees, or the tuition fees were reimbursed) then subject to the eligibility criteria, the scholarship may be available should the student choose to retake the course or undertake another eligible course. Students must re-apply for the scholarship.
  21. Should a student withdraw from their course whilst owing a proportion of their tuition fees to NTU, application of the scholarship shall be at the discretion of NTU and the scholarship may be withdrawn.
  22. The Office for Students scholarship does not exclude students from applying for other funds or scholarships

Application Deadline

16:00 GMT (4pm) on Wednesday 12 May and Wednesday 30 June.

Applications received after 16:00 GMT (4pm) on the day of the deadline will automatically be considered for the next available deadline. For example, application forms submitted after the first deadline and before the second deadline, will be considered for the second deadline.

Applications received after the final deadline will not be considered.

Privacy Statement

Our privacy statement explains what types of personal information will be gathered when you visit our website(s) or use our digital services, and how this information will be used.

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