Clearing and Adjustment

The UCAS Clearing Scheme matches people without an offer of a place at university or college with appropriate UK courses and higher education institutions requiring students.

You are eligible for Clearing if:

  • you have not met the conditions of any of your offers (e.g. you do not have the required grades)
  • you have applied but not received any offers
  • you have declined all your offers
  • you haven't yet applied for a course during the 2015-2016 UCAS cycle
  • you have missed the UCAS deadline date.

The official Clearing process opens at NTU from early August. We operate a Clearing hotline throughout the period, with extended opening times from 7 am on the morning of A-level results day until 7 pm.

If you already have your results before A-level results day, you contact our Admissions Team directly to discuss your options.

What happens if I'm made an offer through Clearing?
If NTU makes you an offer through the Clearing process, we'll send you an email with details of the offer we have made. The email will detail when this offer expires and how you can accept your offer through UCAS.

If you accept your offer from NTU, our Accommodation Team will work to find suitable accommodation for you in Nottingham.

What is Adjustment?
If after getting your results, you feel you have done significantly better than expected, UCAS has introduced a scheme called the Adjustment Period which means you can reconsider where and what you have applied to study. To find out more, please visit the UCAS website

The Adjustment process is available from A-level results day and usually runs until the end of August. Please check the UCAS website carefully for exact dates. Your individual Adjustment period starts on A-level results day or when your conditional firm (CF) choice changes to unconditional firm (UF), whichever is later. From this time you have a maximum of five calendar days (five 24-hour periods, including Saturdays and Sundays) to register in UCAS Track and secure an alternative course, if you decide this is what you want to do.

Can I get more advice about Clearing and Adjustment?

Our Clearing and Adjustment website will go live at the beginning of August 2016 to provide further advice and guidance to applicants who may be going through this process. You can find general information on the UCAS website throughout the application cycle.