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We're here because entrepreneurship should be a force for good. Enactus students hone their skills while building enterprises that tackle social issues and support communities.

If you're interested in creating a sustainable business, and want to make the world a better place, you could be part of our Enactus team.

What is Enactus?

Two students walking along a green space

Enactus is a global non-profit network, helping students to develop initiatives and projects that create a better world for everyone. Led by students and supported by academics and business leaders, Enactus teams are active in more than 1,650 universities across 36 countries

What does Enactus involve?

Enactus gives you the power to harness their skills and passion, and the guidance to create something bigger than yourself.

With the help of business advisers and university staff, you'll be part  of a team that explores and develops social projects. In the process, you'll develop your knowledge of:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Market economics
  • Finance
  • Business ethics
  • Skills required for personal success

You'll also develop your teamwork and leadership skills, and discover how rewarding it is to help your community thrive.

"Participants tell me it's a great feeling that what you've learned through University studies you can apply out in the real world. They're giving back to the community and to the world while at the same time developing business skills and entrepreneurship skills for themselves."

Phil Clarke, Student Enterprise Advisor

Your NTU Enactus Team

Our Enactus team works with organisations and people in the local area, and contributes to the success of international projects. We help to develop future business leaders, and address issues that matter to our communities.

We're always looking for people to become part of our team, and help us grow. To find out more or get involved, visit us at