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The TILT Festival of Learning is NTU's flagship event which showcases innovative practice in learning and teaching. This year's event will be special as we will celebrate the 5th birthday of TILT.

  • From: Tuesday 16 June 2020, 9 am
  • To: Tuesday 16 June 2020, 5 pm
  • Location: Teaching and Learning Building, Clifton Campus,
  • Booking deadline: Friday 12 June 2020, 12.00 am

Event details

We are delighted to announce the call for contributions to the 2020 TILT Festival of Learning.

This year's TILT Festival of Learning explores pedagogies that encompass active, collaborative learning (ACL), which involves students working together towards shared learning goals, collaborating in pairs or small groups inside and/or outside the classroom and in-person and/or online.

We invite innovative proposals on the theory and practice of ACL.

With reference to classroom experience and/or scholarly activity, proposals could address thematic areas including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Managing groupwork - What are some ways of managing group-work effectively in active, collaborative learning? How are students organised into groups, what roles do they play and how can positive interdependence be fostered? Are different groupwork approaches needed for larger cohorts?
  • Inclusivity - What modes of delivery facilitate ACL well, and how can specific ACL teaching practices be deployed to better engage students and create an inclusive classroom to achieve success for all.
  • Online ACL - What opportunities does blended or online delivery offer for ACL and vice versa?
  • Feedback and assessment - What assessment types are most suited to ACL? What activities facilitate reflection and feedback? What developmental support is needed to support critical reflection and effective peer feedback?
  • University, reimagined - How can ACL support the strategic aims of NTU: creating opportunities, valuing ideas, enriching society, connecting globally, embracing sustainability; and/or empowering people?

Contributions from NTU, national and international participants are welcome in a variety of formats, the more active the better(!) These might include: workshops incorporating ACL techniques, virtual-reality experiences, panel discussions/debates, hands-on software demonstrations, interactive performance through film, drama and/or music, use of artefacts and/or presentations with an active element. Co-production with students is encouraged.

Contributions must:

  • draw on relevant research or scholarship;
  • involve participants in collaborative activity;
  • be designed to last no longer than 45 minutes.

The 2020 Festival of Learning is particularly special because it offers the opportunity to celebrate the 5th birthday of TILT, and the recent launch of University, reimagined.

If you have any questions about how you can get involved please visit the website or contact the Festival of Learning team at festival@ntu.ac.uk.

Deadline for proposals is 11 March 2020.

Click here to submit your proposal. (We recommend that you draft your responses in word so you can copy and paste into the form.)

We look forward to receiving your contribution to the Festival!

Deadline for proposals is 11 March 2020.

Location details


Teaching and Learning Building, Clifton Campus

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