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Motivations and Experiences of International Law Students


This event reports on a project, funded by the Society of Legal Scholars, on the motivations and experiences of international law students in England and Wales. It will provide opportunities to compare experiences of law students with other students, and of the UK experience with that of the USA.

  • From: Friday 9 June 2023, 10 am
  • To: Friday 9 June 2023, 4 pm
  • Location: 30 Burton Street, Nottingham, NG1 4BU
  • Booking deadline: Thursday 25 May 2023, 12.00 pm
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Both the USA and UK are primary destinations for international law students. There is a considerable US literature on their motivations and experiences. There is no current UK equivalent, and this proof of concept project sought to investigate this.

The objectives of the project are to investigate

  1. whether the criteria found in the USA are mirrored in England and Wales.
  2. the relative importance to international law students of:
    1. knowledge and competence for practice in the home jurisdiction;
    2. status and capital envisaged as a “halo” for employers at home; and
    3. regulatory bypass of problematic home qualification systems.

We will discuss the findings of this project and compare them with data about international students generally and law students in the USA.  There will be space to discuss your own views and experiences, as well as your response to the data.



UK time (BST)


Registration, coffee, tea


Introduction (15 minutes)

Jane Ching – the context


Our SLS funded project: quantitative data (30 minutes)

Jane Ching


Plenary discussion (30 minutes)


Chinese students at NTU (30 minutes)

Aldo Gutierrez and Ishwinder Kaur


Lunch (60 minutes)


Our SLS funded project: qualitative data (30 minutes)

Azhin Omer


Plenary discussion (30 minutes)


The US context (30 minutes)

Professor Carole Silver, Professor of Global Law & Practice at Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, USA


Break (15 minutes)


Panel: international LLM students (30 minutes)


Closing thoughts and plan of action (30 minutes)

Booking information

Booking deadline is 12:00 midday (UK time) on 25th May 2023. When completing the booking form, please use the "Job Title" field to describe your position e.g. student and for the "Organisation" filed describe the institution you are based at.

Location details


30 Burton Street

Past event

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