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  • Katy Fair


    South East Asia: Virtual exhibitions and counselling

    International visits

    17 April 2021 - 30 April 2021

    9 am - 11 am

    An opportunity to speak to Nottingham Trent University (NTU) representative for South East Asia, Katy Fair.

  • Africa team


    Sub Saharan Africa: Virtual Events

    International visits

    15 April 2021 - 11 May 2021

    9 am - 5 pm

    An opportunity to speak to the NTU advisors for Africa.

  • Apprenticeships Level 4 Software Dev


    HTQ Development: Level 4 Software Developer Employer Consultation


    15 April 2021

    1 pm - 3 pm

    Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is developing a new Level 4 Certificate in Software Engineering to meet the new Software Developer (Level 4) (ST0116) occupational standard. We would like to gather employers’ views regarding the proposed course design and content and as such are holding a stakeholder consultation session.

  • Space visitor at Observatory


    Online Open Dome - Alien Visitors to our Solar System? - Oumuamua

    Public lectures

    15 April 2021

    8 pm - 8 pm

    POSTPONED to 15 April Could we have been visited by an alien space ship in 2017? Join Dr Daniel Brown (NTU) in his talk Alien Visitors to our Solar System where we will hear about the discovery of real interstellar visitors as well as facts and possible fiction around the case of Oumuamua.This talk is going ahead as a video recorded talk to booked visitors.

  • Clifton Events


    BA (Hons) Primary Education Interview


    14 April 2021

    1 pm - 4 pm

    Virtual BA (Hons) Primary Education interview day.

  • TILT Logo


    TILT 2nd Symposium in Games in Learning


    Seminars | Workshops

    14 April 2021

    1 pm - 4 pm

    The COVID-19 global pandemic has forced Higher Education to pivot from a predominately face-to-face pedagogy to a blended or pure online delivered pedagogy. Academics and students have faced challenges with a difficult and dynamic situation. The use of Teams, Zoom and platforms like H5P, jamboards, Padlet etc, have forced academics and students out of their comfort zones. This symposium will allow academics and students to share their experiences of using games or gamification in supporting learning.

  • Women standing at table


    Breakfast Session: Introduction to BDO's Rethink Programme

    A breakfast session for business owners navigating their next steps

    Conferences | Networking | Seminars | Workshops

    14 April 2021

    8.30 am - 10 am

    Breakfast Session: Rethink Programme with BDO

  • Workhouse Museum


    Workhouse Lives: Workhouse scandals with Carol Beardmore (De Montford University)

    Workhouse scandals with Carol Beardmore (De Montford University)

    Conferences | Networking | Public lectures | Seminars | Workshops

    13 April 2021

    5 pm

    Workhouse Lives: Workhouse scandals with Carol Beardmore

  • Stone wall

    A Critical Examination of the Historic International Criminal Court Jurisdiction Decision and Opening of the Investigation Respecting the Situation in Palestine. Implications and Legal Challenges Ahead.,-israel-and-the-international-criminal-court

  • IASTE 2020 Virtual Traditions


    IASTE 2021: Virtual Traditions

    The Transience of tradition in changing geographies and global landscapes


    7 April 2021 - 10 April 2021

    8.30 am - 5.30 pm

    Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is delighted to host the 18th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments (IASTE): Virtual Traditions.