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  • Hamzah Ikram


    North Africa, the Middle East and Pakistan: One-to-one individual virtual appointments

    International visits

    4 March 2021 - 4 June 2021

    2 pm - 4 pm

    An opportunity to speak to Hamzah Ikram, Nottingham Trent University advisor for North Africa, the Middle East and Pakistan.

  • Europe team


    Europe: Virtual Events

    International visits

    2 April 2021 - 2 May 2021

    5 pm - 5 pm

    These events are great opportunities to speak to Chloe Tiozzo and Richie Lee, Nottingham Trent University's advisors for Europe.

  • Reactor: Here the Gold Ones Meet


    Reactor: Here, the Gold Ones Meet

    Bonington Gallery


    7 April 2021 - 29 May 2021

    10 am - 3 pm

    Due to the current lockdown restrictions, we have made some changes to the format of our upcoming exhibition by Reactor. Therefore, Reactor will be in residence at Bonington Gallery from 7 April – 29 May, and this will be punctuated by live events streamed from the gallery, which we will announce soon. The exhibition will then be open to the public from 17 May, dependent on the roadmap out of the current lockdown.,-the-gold-ones-meet

  • Africa team


    Sub Saharan Africa: Virtual Events

    International visits

    15 April 2021 - 11 May 2021

    9 am - 5 pm

    An opportunity to speak to the NTU advisors for Africa.

  • Katy Fair


    South East Asia: Virtual exhibitions and counselling

    International visits

    17 April 2021 - 30 April 2021

    9 am - 11 am

    An opportunity to speak to Nottingham Trent University (NTU) representative for South East Asia, Katy Fair.

  • Event icon


    TH!NKUK North America - Undergraduate Event

    International visits

    26 April 2021 - 29 April 2021

    4.30 pm - 6.40 pm

    This is a great opportunity to speak to Becca Kennedy, Nottingham Trent University's advisor for the Americas.!nkuk-north-america-undergraduate-event