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  • Mastered 2019_ Eloise Salter_MA Fashion Design


    Public view: Mastered 2019

    School of Art & Design Masters Exhibition

    Exhibitions | Networking

    17 July 2019 - 25 July 2019

    10 am - 5 pm

    The School of Art & Design has one of the largest and most dynamic postgraduate communities in the UK.


  • Projected stars in Observatory


    Open Dome Event - The Universe in a Bucket

    Public lectures

    25 July 2019

    8 pm - 10 pm

    Dr K Baldwin (NTU) will show how you can explore the complexity of our Universe from asteroids to Black Holes in simple table-top experiments in his talk How to Probe the Nature of the Universe with a Magnet and a Bucket.


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  • Jul


    Postgraduate and Mature Students' House Hunting Event

    House Hunting Event


    29 July 2019

    10 am - 3 pm

    Reserve your place at our house hunting event for Postgraduate and Mature Students.


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  • Brackenhurst Main Hall viewed from Sunken Garden


    Brackenhurst Heritage Open Day


    15 September 2019

    11 am - 4 pm

    As part of Heritage Open Days, England's biggest festival of history and culture, Nottingham Trent University will be offering guided tours of Brackenhurst Main Hall.


  • DIY Pancreas screenshot


    Learning about Looping and DIY Artificial Pancreas Systems

    Conferences | Seminars | Workshops

    27 September 2019

    9 am - 4.30 pm

    The Learning about Looping Study Day aims to provide diabetes specialist health care professionals an opportunity to learn how people with Type 1 Diabetes are using technologies like insulin pumps, glucose monitors and mobile phone applications to create DIY Pancreas Systems that automate diabetes self-management. During this study day, we will learn about why some people with Type 1 Diabetes build DIY Pancreas Systems and examine the hardware and software used to build these systems and how online communities provide peer support. We will also explore questions for practice and networking opportunities for auditing and researching DIY Pancreas Systems.


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  • ARES research conference


    ARES School Research Conference

    Conferences | Networking | Public lectures

    27 September 2019

    9 am - 5 pm

    The annual ARES Research Conference will showcase some of the interesting and diverse research currently undertaken by staff and PhD students.


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  • Broken scales of justice


    A Workshop on Vulnerability and the Organisation of Academic Labour

    A Vulnerability and the Human Condition Initiative Workshop

    Conferences | Networking | Seminars | Workshops

    25 October 2019 - 26 October 2019

    10 am - 5 pm

    Nottingham Law School, in conjunction with Emory University, will host the Vulnerability and the Organisation of Academic Labour Conference on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 October 2019 at Nottingham Trent University.


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  • Prevention image of offender


    SOCAMRU Prevention Conference 2019

    Current approaches to the prevention of sexual abuse

    Conferences | Networking | Seminars | Workshops

    16 December 2019

    9 am - 5 pm

    Join leading academics in the field to discuss the prevention of sexual offending and reoffending in the UK


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  • Event icon


    Nottingham Law School, Law Fair 2020

    Recruitment and networking event

    Exhibitions | Fairs | Networking

    21 January 2020

    4.30 pm - 7.30 pm

    This event is an opportunity to access our talented pool of undergraduate and postgraduate students from Nottingham Law School. The event will begin with an optional networking element for employers and academic colleagues. 


  • Vertical Farming Forum


    International Conference on Vertical Farming


    7 April 2020 - 8 April 2020

    10 am - 4 pm

    Nottingham Trent University. International Conference on Vertical Farming. Working together on the development of Smart Green Growth for improving Global Food Security.


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