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  • UKCI 2018 detial over Arkwright and Newton buildings


    UKCI 2018

    18th Annual UK Conference on Computational Intelligence


    5 September 2018 - 7 September 2018

    8.30 am - 5 pm

    UKCI is the premier UK event for presenting leading research on all aspects of Computational Intelligence.

  • Group in classroom


    Executive MBA and Senior Leaders Masters Degree Apprenticeship Breakfast Briefing

    Open Day | Exhibitions | Networking | Workshops

    11 September 2018

    8 am - 10 am

    The Executive Master of Business Administration/ Senior Leaders Master’s Degree Apprenticeship (SLMDA) Breakfast will give you an idea of what it’s like to study at Nottingham Business School and where it can take you.

  • Workshop speaker


    Business Model Canvas

    Elevator - workshops for creative and digital businesses

    Networking | Public lectures | Seminars | Workshops

    14 September 2018

    9.30 am - 4 pm

    Take a fresh look into where your creative or digital business is now, where you want it to get to and what you need to do in order to get it there.

  • Laptop


    Going Global

    Elevator - Tech series

    Networking | Public lectures | Seminars | Workshops

    18 September 2018

    10 am - 4 pm

    This workshop will help you to develop your business’s visibility and market performance overseas. It’s ideal for businesses looking to e-export products or services, with support from the Department of International Trade and Santander Bank.

  • Environment Sustainability


    Environmental Sustainability in Business

    Elevator - Greenhouse Gas Management Project

    Networking | Public lectures | Seminars

    26 September 2018

    9.45 am - 1 pm

    It is becoming an increasingly valuable for businesses to lower their carbon footprint and build a sustainable business. From standing out from the crowd, to reducing business costs, sustainable SMEs reap rewards and can gain greater competitive edge.

  • recruit for future logo


    Recruiting for the Future

    Networking | Seminars | Workshops

    27 September 2018

    9.30 am - 12.30 pm

    Inviting small and medium-sized business from Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire for an event on attracting, selecting and retaining talent to develop their workforce.

  • Presenting


    Investment Readiness 101

    Elevator - Investment Readiness

    Networking | Public lectures | Seminars | Workshops

    3 October 2018

    9.30 am - 4 pm

    Find out what kind of investment is right for you, and what needs to be prepared to be pitch-ready. Practice and present your investment pitch to the group to refine your message.

  • Brainstorming


    Marketing 101

    Elevator - workshops for creative and digital businesses

    Networking | Public lectures | Seminars | Workshops

    9 October 2018

    9.30 am - 4 pm

    Learn the fundamentals tools, theories and strategies for great marketing.

  • 2017 Supplier Award Winners


    NTU's Supplier Forum and Recognition Awards 2018

    Conferences | Networking | Workshops

    17 October 2018

    12 am - 4.30 pm

    Be sure to join us for NTU's annual Supplier Forum and Recognition Awards.

  • Big House Accelerator


    Introduction to The Big House Accelerator


    Networking | Public lectures | Seminars | Workshops

    23 October 2018

    9 am - 1 pm

    Join The Big House team to learn more about the new Accelerator programme: high-value, high-quality, learning, mentoring and support from top digital innovators and one of the UK’s leading business schools – bespoke to your needs.

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