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  • Dog in car

    People are being warned about the dangers of leaving their dogs in parked cars after a study found that internal temperatures were hot enough all year round to pose a risk to dog health.,-even-winter,-study-shows

  • Sleeping horse

    Scientists are monitoring night-time sleep in horses as part of a study which aims to see if equine rest patterns could provide early warnings about their ill health.

  • Bulldog

    Breeds with flat faces (brachycephalic) – such as bulldogs, French bulldogs and pugs – are particularly at risk of developing heat stroke, the largest study of its kind suggests.,-french-bulldogs-and-pugs-most-at-risk-of-heat-stroke,-study-shows

  • student with research project

    MSc Biodiversity Conservation student Jen MacIsaac, has been shortlisted for her research project, acoustic surveying of hazel dormice in Nottinghamshire, for the CIEEM Postgraduate of the year award 2020.

  • Picture of Northern Spain

    Sphagnum moss grown at NTU's Brackenhurst Campus will be introduced to blanket bogs in Northern Spain as further funding is secured.

  • Student enterprise week

    Xanthea Heynes, an MSc student in ARES, took the top two prizes at the Dragon’s Den competition as part of Student Enterprise Week.

  • Hedgehog

    Researchers have embarked on a new study to assess the impact that roads and traffic are having on the UK’s native hedgehog population.

  • Dr Helen Warren

    Dr Helen Warren, Senior Visiting Fellow to the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences.,-ares-senior-visiting-fellow

  • Red squirrel

    New hope for the preservation of red squirrels in Britain and Ireland is on the horizon, after the completion of the red and grey squirrel reference genomes by scientists at the Wellcome Sanger Institute and their collaborators.

  • Havana rabbit

    Experts have found the cutest looking rabbit face using a survey which was created to help them understand why people choose certain breeds of bunny.