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  • Map of Libya

    Dr Suliman Alshahmy, Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at Nottingham Business School, was selected by the UN to participate in writing an economic and social vison for Libya's future after long conflict. The report - Towards prosperity, justice and strong State institutions: A rights-based socioeconomic vision and road map for sustainable development in Libya - has just been published.

  • glass ball reflecting a lake

    What if every recruit into corporations from the world’s business schools was qualified as carbon literate? A Nottingham Business School (NBS) programme which offers Carbon Literacy Training to business schools, universities and beyond will feature as part of a global social movement to coincide with the COP 26 UN Climate Change Conference.

  • Woman waiting at a bus stop

    Much of our thinking is flawed because it is based on faulty intuition, says Professor Leighton Vaughan Williams. But by using the framework and tools of probability and statistics, he explains how we can overcome this to provide solutions to many real-world problems and paradoxes.,-how-to-use-probability-and-statistics-to-find-the-real-answers

  • Women together in a room

    The government-backed Help to Grow: Management course is set to launch at Nottingham Business School (NBS), offering leaders of small and medium businesses (SMEs) the chance to rebuild, refocus and move their organisation forward following the pandemic.

  • Woman paying by phone

    A new £3m Fintech Research Centre is to be launched at Nottingham Business School (NBS) to collaborate with organisations and carry out cutting edge academic research which informs policy and practice in the fintech and banking sector.

  • Back of a person skateboarding on the street

    Bringing together design, economics and sports management, research is underway at NTU to explore the challenges and rewards of creating skateboard-friendly urban public spaces. Dr Tom Hughes from the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment, presents the findings of the project's recent hybrid skate-space case studies.

  • Group of people walking

    New research into why rapport matters in guided group activities has shown that businesses are at risk of bad reviews if they do not actively encourage positive interactions among their clients and prevent disruptive customers from spoiling the experience for others.

  • Desk with two chairs

    Dr Stefanos Nachmias, Nottingham Business School, writes about a British Academy funded project which aims to explore how childhood trauma is supported and managed in the workplace.,-issues-and-future-opportunities

  • Low Carbon Dashboard

    The Nottingham Business School (NBS) strand of the Sustainability in Enterprise (SiE) programme supports SMEs through bespoke sustainability and carbon management consultancy.

  • Graphic of a group of people in masks

    The impact of Covid-19 and a lack of resources has led to charities and voluntary sector organisations facing challenges in increasing diversity, despite the majority having drawn up plans to address equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) issues in their workplace, volunteers and services (79%) and 59% of these revising their EDI approach since March 2020.