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  • Knee joint

    A new study will use pioneering technology to investigate how osteoarthritis impacts different joint structures.

  • Classroom

    Menstrual cycle education in UK schools is inconsistent and inadequate, and teachers feel they lack time, confidence, and subject knowledge, according to new research involving Nottingham Trent University.,-study-finds

  • Image of SENR logo

    BSc (Hons) Exercise Nutrition and Health at NTU has received an undergraduate course endorsement with the British Dietetic Association’s Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENR).

  • Swimmers

    By Joseph R. Stanford, Postgraduate Researcher in Sport & Exercise Psychology, and Laura C. Healy, Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Psychology,-knowing-you-the-importance-of-athlete-coach-relationships-in-achieving-success

  • Two people hugging

    The first study to investigate the role of touch in a novel intervention known as Havening shows how therapeutic touch reduces feelings of distress by changing brain activity.

  • Swimmers

    A new study could improve the chances of success for the UK’s ‘Generation Z’ athletes – the future Olympic medal hopefuls – by helping them to improve skills such as dealing with adversity, becoming more independent and improving their communication.

  • Football tactics

    Those who invest the most time playing, researching and thinking about their fantasy football teams have significantly worse mental health than other players of the online game as a result, a new study suggests.,-study-suggests

  • Children running

    Children who are fitter performed better than their peers in cognitive tasks, a new study found.,-study-suggests

  • Back of a person skateboarding on the street

    Bringing together design, economics and sports management, research is underway at NTU to explore the challenges and rewards of creating skateboard-friendly urban public spaces. Dr Tom Hughes from the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment, presents the findings of the project's recent hybrid skate-space case studies.

  • Hockey

    Athletes and sports players who exert too much ‘self-control’ before and during competing risk hindering their sporting performance, a new study suggests.,-research-suggests