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  • Women in a dark room looking stressed

    Relentless negative reporting on economic downturns is impacting on people’s emotions and contributing to the suicide rate, according to new research.,-says-new-research

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    Businesses must strive for a balance which places equal value on the presence of men and women in the boardroom, the leader of one of Britain’s top business groups says.,-says-iod-chair

  • Two women in a meeting

    A new report has suggested that there are considerable gaps in opportunities for employees to have a voice at work, effecting individual well-being and job satisfaction, as well as organisational learning, resilience and innovation.,-suggests-new-research

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    The number of people in employment in Nottingham has recently fallen below the pre-recession level, latest research from Nottingham Civic Exchange has revealed.

  • LFGWC eport cover

    When we began Good Work Nottingham we said we'd explore the key employment and work trends locally. Our latest report Laying the Foundations of a Good Work City does just that. Here are five of the key things you need to know.

  • Union Jack with economy and growth jigsaw pieces

    Significant parts of Britain will experience a decline in economic growth over the next twenty years, a study says.

  • BPM visit

    Our MSc Project Management students recently visited Bentley Project Management team in Nottingham as part of their course. The visit aimed to facilitate students’ experiential learning.The content covered during the visit was designed to support the module ‘Planning and Control of Projects’ of our MSc Project Management course.

  • Global Responsibility Week lecturers

    Global Responsibility Week is organised each year to facilitate integration between global academic colleagues and their knowledge.

  • post it wall

    A review of Nottingham Civic Exchange's Economic Insecurity student design challenge session for students of NTU.

  • Goldsmith Street building

    A centre incorporating a student lounge space, purpose built meeting rooms and open plan office space has opened at Nottingham Trent University’s City Campus.