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  • Cat

    If you’re looking for more affection from your cat – and want to avoid getting bitten or scratched – then let it choose when to be petted, a new study suggests.,-study-suggests

  • web.jpg

    A fashion student has designed a catwalk collection made entirely from donated fabrics as a message to the clothing industry about sustainability.

  • Back of a taxi driver's head

    Associate Lecturer and Doctoral researcher, Amanda Hanson, discusses how wheelchair users are facing a lack of independence due to the discriminatory and disablist attitudes from public transport providers.

  • No means no sign on a lamp post

    Associate Professor Loretta Trickett from Nottingham Law School reacts to the government announcement of a new strategy to tackle street harassment.,-as-long-as-those-who-abuse-women-and-girls-are-dealt-with-swiftly

  • Gemma web.jpg

    A fashion knitwear student from Nottingham Trent University who has mild cerebral palsy has designed an inclusive collection to support wheelchair users and other people with disabilities.

  • Emily Lewis

    A current student and four Nottingham Trent University graduates are part of the British Canoeing team heading to Tokyo for the Olympics.

  • Graphic of a group of people in masks

    The impact of Covid-19 and a lack of resources has led to charities and voluntary sector organisations facing challenges in increasing diversity, despite the majority having drawn up plans to address equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) issues in their workplace, volunteers and services (79%) and 59% of these revising their EDI approach since March 2020.

  • Zdenek Lusk web.jpg

    A corset isn’t considered to be an item of clothing that’s typically associated with men. But fashion student Zdenek Lusk has shown how it could become the perfect solution for those who want to achieve a V-shape appearance.

  • owen web.jpg

    A student who developed epilepsy after receiving treatment for a brain tumour has designed a wearable safety hat to protect others from head injuries when they experience a seizure.

  • Computer

    Women interested in studying computer science have been able to apply for a bursary worth £12,000 – the first of its kind ever offered at Nottingham Trent University.