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  • William Hurley with machine

    T-Shirts used as mobile phones sounds like the stuff of science fiction. But a research project led by Nottingham Trent University could turn such future-gazing tech into reality.

  • Tilak.jpg

    Clothing embedded with tiny solar cells the size of a flea will allow wearers to generate electricity on the move and charge items like mobile phones and smartwatches.!-clothes-embedded-with-solar-cells-to-charge-your-mobile-phone

  • Prof Tilak Dias

    Satellite antennas knitted from wires thinner than hair are being developed by Nottingham Trent University for use in outer space.

  • Professor Tilak Dias

    Smart textiles will be used to monitor stress levels in aeroplane pilots as part of a major European research project involving Nottingham Trent University.

  • Protective glove

    Gloves embedded with tiny sensors are being developed by Nottingham Trent University to help protect construction workers from exposure to vibration.

  • Electric balaclava

    Researchers have developed a smart balaclava which warms oxygen before it’s inhaled to reduce the risk of athletes contracting chest infections in winter.

  • Richard Arm Prototype

    A researcher has used 3D printing to create an imitation human body with the tactile qualities of living organs

  • LED Lightweight Scarf

    A designer and researcher has pioneered a new form of fabric which promises to revolutionise the textiles industry.

  • News icon

    Doctors will be able to remotely monitor diabetic people for a potentially life-threatening condition thanks to the development of socks which measure foot temperature.

  • News icon

    Researchers at Nottingham Trent University have developed a way to embed clothes with tiny data chips which cannot be seen in situ by the naked eye.