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UPP Foundation Civic University Commission visits Nottingham

The Civic University Commission visits Nottingham on Thursday 21 and Friday 22 June to explore how universities successfully serve their local place in the 21st Century.

Nottingham Trent University in partnership with the University of Nottingham is pleased to welcome the Civic University Commission to our city and region. The Commission will hear from leading university and civic voices throughout their visit.

In March 2018, the UPP Foundation launched the Civic University Commission. This commission aims to shift the debate on Higher Education and to look at how universities can serve their place. The Commission continues to gather momentum with three city visits to collect and examine evidence. In Nottingham, alongside visits to local organisations and civic partners, the evidence sessions will support the Commissioners’ recommendations with a twin focus on the relationship between universities and schools, and the global role universities play.

Nottingham Trent University will host these public evidence sessions where the commissioners will question expert witnesses. The events are free to attend but space is limited so we do ask you book your place for each session. Further details on the evidence sessions and witnesses are available via the two booking pages below.

Evidence Session One, Universities Global Role: 11:30 - 13:15, Friday 22 June

Evidence Session Two, Universities and Schools: 13:45 - 15:15, Friday 22 June

The Civic University Commission is also requesting written evidence submissions to inform its work and it wants to hear your views on the role of universities in the 21st Century. The Commission has set out six key themes for its evidence sessions:

  1. Growth and the Industrial Strategy
  2. University-Local Government Relationship
  3. Universities and Schools
  4. Universities’ Global Role
  5. Impact on the Health System
  6. The Relationship between Universities and Wider Skills and Lifelong Learning

Full details on how to submit evidence as well as additional details of the Civic University Commission and its final visit to Sheffield are available via the UPP website.

Nottingham Civic Exchange

Nottingham Civic Exchange has been established by Nottingham Trent University to maximise research, policy and practical impact by bringing together university expertise with partners seeking to address the needs of local communities. Nottingham Civic Exchange acts as a resource to look at social and economic issues in new ways. This means facilitating debate, acting as a bridge between research and policy debates, and developing practical projects at a local, city and regional level.

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