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Nottingham Civic Exchange Academic Associates programme launched

Nottingham Civic Exchange launches academic associates programme for 2018/19 year.

On Monday 10 September, we held a lunch to welcome our colleagues to become Academic Associates of Nottingham Civic Exchange. This was a way of formalising the already extensive networks we have across the university.

Our Associates consist of research-active academics who will lead our programmes of research and policy development. Each Academic Associate will act as an ambassador for Nottingham Civic Exchange and our work with partners both internal and external to the university. We will work with our Associates to act as a ‘critical friend’ for our work.

We will be working with our Associates on:

  • Joint work on Nottingham Civic Exchange research programmes and production of joint publications
  • Pathways to impact development
  • Evidence submissions for Parliamentary Committees and other commissions
  • Funding applications relating to Nottingham Civic Exchange programmes
  • Co-hosting events
  • Offering research and policy experience to students
  • Linking to RSA programmes of work and to RSA Fellows

In the coming months, we are also inviting NTU students to become Student Associates. All new Politics and International Relations undergraduate students will become associates of Nottingham Civic Exchange in 2018-19. Student associate membership is also open to any student who undertakes a role with Nottingham Civic Exchange.

We are appointing Visiting Fellows and Professors. These titles are awarded to people of distinction in public life, the policy world, or the field of politics. Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA is already a Visiting Professor at the School of Social Science and is working closely with Nottingham Civic Exchange on our programme of work around economic insecurity.

Community members drawn through Nottingham Citizens and other community organisations will also be invited to become Community Associates.

If you are interested in becoming an Academic Associate please speak to Paula Black, Director of Nottingham Civic Exchange.

Nottingham Civic Exchange

Nottingham Civic Exchange has been established by Nottingham Trent University to maximise research, policy and practical impact by bringing together university expertise with partners seeking to address the needs of local communities. Nottingham Civic Exchange acts as a resource to look at social and economic issues in new ways. This means facilitating debate, acting as a bridge between research and policy debates, and developing practical projects at a local, city and regional level.

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Published on 10 September 2018
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