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A message from Professor Sharon Huttly on how NTU has been supporting students throughout the pandemic

A message from Professor Sharon Huttly (Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Academic Development and Performance) on how NTU has been supporting students throughout the pandemic

Professor Sharon Huttly
Professor Sharon Huttly
Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Academic Development and Performance

"The pandemic has changed the way we teach our students, the support we offer and the ways in which we communicate with them. But it has not changed the fact they are part of our NTU community, and we work together to achieve ambitions and support each other.

For the start of the 2020/21 academic year our blended learning approach, with some in-person and some online learning, was established – alongside blended student services for support. Online training and welcome sessions were held to prepare new and returning students for this adapted way of studying.

We had to adjust again when the latest national lockdown in England was announced in early January and we switched to wholly online learning, apart from some exceptions for certain future critical worker courses. We have continued to prepare scenarios for the return of further students to campus while awaiting Government guidance.

Of course, not all students left our campuses for the Winter Break and some have returned to continue with in-person teaching, or because they have special circumstances meaning they need to be on campus. We continue to support those still staying with us, keeping facilities open that we can in line with Government guidelines, whilst continuing to deliver many of our services remotely to ensure that all students have access to support.

Communication has been crucial during this pandemic as we work to ensure students have all the latest information, but also that they know our staff are here to support them. Channels include social media outputs, comprehensive web site information and sending weekly emails to students, while parents and guardians can also receive regular emails if they request. These contain any updates, changes and information to support students. We also send separate emails to students who tell us they are self-isolating, letting them know about online activities and support available.

Where we’ve been able to, we have kept other activities happening online and signposted social media groups students may want to be part of to help them make and maintain the friendships we all know are so important during university.

We know there is more change to come and our NTU community will be working together to support our students, and each other, through this period as the country comes out of lockdown."

A message from Professor Sharon Huttly on how NTU has been supporting students throughout the pandemic

Published on 4 March 2021
  • Category: Alumni

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