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School of Art & Design launch five innovative projects to create inclusive opportunities within the curriculum

The Nottingham Trent University School of Art & Design is pleased to announce the 2020/21 funded projects as part of The Collaboratory. The Collaboratory champions innovators within the School of Art & Design through the offer of seedcorn funding for the provision of opportunities for experimentation, challenge and embracing uncertainty through risk taking.

The Collaboratory

The School of Art & Design is driven to develop collaborative communities to reinforce the School’s reputation for Art & Design practise.

Michael Marsden, the Dean of the School of Art & Design commented: "Collaboration, both as a ‘skill’ and a way to develop innovative ideas is key to the future success of our students. These five projects, supported and funded through the ‘Collaboratory’ typify this and encourage students to work beyond their traditional boundaries, collaborating with students from other schools in NTU, organisations and overseas Universities. 2020 has illustrated both the need and the benefits that come from collaboration. I am a passionate advocate for supporting more of this activity across the University and look forward to seeing students from all of our schools, in the future, taking part."

This year, The School is pleased to launch the following projects, which have agreed funding from The Collaboratory for 2020/21:

The Collaboratory Funded Projects for 2020-21
Fashion Fictions: Student Connections provides an online space for NTU students from the Fashion, Textiles & Knitwear Design subject area to share their ideas with students working on related projects at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore and Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation.

Fashion Fictions: Student Connections (Dr Amy Twigger Holroyd & Lorraine Warde, Fashion Textiles and Knitwear Department)

Fashion Fictions: Student Connections emphasises international connection between NTU students from the Fashion, Textiles & Knitwear subject area with students from Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore and Dubai Institute of Design & Innovation.

Enhancing Digital Fashion Learning through the Application of Virtual Reality: Congying Guan, Prof. Anthony Kent and Dennis Maloney (Fashion Management, Marketing and Communications Department) and Hua Zhong (Architecture, Design and Built Environment) 

This collaborative project between MA Fashion Management, Marketing and Communication and students who study Built Environment subjects aims to enhance the learning experience of digital technology and innovation through co-creation of a 360 VR Fashion Showroom for a retail brand in Nottingham. The students involved will gain cross-subject knowledge, such as fashion design, interior design and indoor environment design, the in-depth learning experience of VR technology in the fashion industry and new technical skills which could enhance their employability.

NTU Change Makers in conjunction with The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust:Jason Forrest, Laura Quick (Fashion Management, Marketing and Communications) and Sean Prince (Fashion Textiles and Knitwear) 

We have partnered with The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust (SLCT)to address inequalities related to societal race related issues. Students will work in groups, to create a poster, plus an additional element. To support SLCT change makers campaign for 2021.This will be aligned to the principles of the Fashion Communication and Promotion process. The objective is to identify change makers within our localcommunity, to inspire young people from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds to succeed.

Design Culture Collaborative Discussions with NTU and Panjab University :Juliana Sissons (Fashion Textiles and Knitwear) and Daphy Brar (Panjab University) 

Following a visit to Chandigarh, this is a new collaborative project to teach Fashion Design to first year Fashion Knitwear Design and Knitted Textile students from Nottingham Trent University and a mix of Fashion Design students from Panjab University. A series of online ‘Design Culture Lectures’ with an overarching theme of ‘Identity’, will inspire and stimulate collaborative discussion between the students from both Universities, culminating in the making of a collaborative zine, sharing ideas of identity across two universities. Students will have the opportunity to meet in groups outside of the Lecture sessions to discuss themes further and find commonalities.

The History Hat: Project with Hat Works, Museum of Hatting, Stockport : Sharon Bainbridge, Duncan Howell, Helen Davies (Visual Arts), Alex Nevill (Visual Communications), Klaire Elton (Fashion Textiles and Knitwear) & Bronwen Simpson (Curator, Hat Works)    

A project with Hat Works, Museum of Hatting (Stockport), to research and develop an exhibition at the museum, introducing students to archival and collections research and to facilitate the collaborative design of sets, objects and graphics. The museum was donated hats from Donald Lovat Fraser, an alumnus of Nottingham School of Art, who worked within film and television as a designer and maker in the 1940s. He created edutainment tableau using costume to narrate periods in history, collaborating with UK museums. The project will research Donald Lovat Fraser and his collection to facilitate students to create a performance and film.

The Collaboratory is still available for funding, and if you would like to explore these opportunities further, please contact Dr Kerry Gough. This year's theme has a particular emphasis upon projects that cross international borders.

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