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Technicians from the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment support local students with their A-Level studies

Design and Technology students from The Dixie Grammar School in Market Bosworth were tasked with creating a new lighting system for an NTU hall of residence of their choice.

Dixie article

In a virtual session with technical experts, Susan Allcock and Kerry Truman, from the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment, as well as Julian Robinson, founder of sustainable start-up company, Steamfort, students were able to complete their non-exam assessment as part of their A-Level.

Students used Nottingham Trent University’s Virtual Tour to get a taste of the different halls on City Campus, before selecting one to develop ideas for.

Designs were based on the site’s modern architecture combined with the gothic, historic roots often seen across the university’s buildings.

Each student was asked to submit either a card prototype, CAD model or detailed intention drawing, alongside a 14-page portfolio. After developing their ideas, each student then presented to Sue, Kerry and Julian, who provided feedback on materials and alternative production methods that could be used to create their prototype.

The Dixie School

Michael Mellors, Head of Design at The Dixie Grammar School said: "It was clear how much the students benefited from the session. It gave them a chance to reflect on their research and ideas so far, asking relevant questions/justifying design decisions. In some cases, the experts helped develop the design significantly, suggesting more appropriate materials and/or prototyping methods that could be trialled at home before making the final design."

One student said: "I feel more confident about creating my first prototype. I hadn't thought about the potential issues with the wiring until I chatted to Susan. I now have a much better idea of how the parts could fit together and what is happening on the inside of the product."

The School is delighted to continue its outreach work with colleges, utilising links within the industry to provide insightful learning opportunities for students.