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Showcase 2021 Student Spotlight: Tarik Vernon

Student Spotlight featuring BA (Hons) Product Design student, Tarik Vernon, and his project, No-Blu.

No-Blu by BA (Hons) Product Design student, Tarik Vernon

No-Blu by Tarik Vernon

BA (Hons) Product Design

Since the coronavirus pandemic, people have had to adapt to new lifestyle changes, whether it is working from home through online calls or even not working at all. During this time people have been using mobile phones and other electronic devices more than usual. These electronic devices emit blue light wavelengths which can lead to sleep issues if exposed to too much of it, which has become a common issue. Since the first lockdown, there has been a significant rise in insomnia cases due to blue light exposure.

No-Blu is a smartphone storage device and a bedside table lamp in one, which is designed to help people suffering from insomnia by decreasing exposure to blue light before going to bed. The device contains a dimming LED light to set the mood when getting ready to sleep. Also, there is a removable draw in which the phone will be placed in to store overnight. This feature has been designed with an “out of sight, out of mind approach” which means if the phone isn’t in sight there will be less temptation to use it. The lamp also has QI wireless charging so the phones can be charged when they’re in the draw.

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