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The Vice-Chancellor Awards for Teaching, Research and Practice 2021: Winners from the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences

The annual Vice-Chancellor Awards recognise and celebrate inspirational and outstanding teaching, research, and practice at Nottingham Trent University.

Dr Samantha Ward, Course Leader BSc (Hons) Zoo Biology

Each year, staff and alumni of Nottingham Trent University are invited to nominate colleagues who they believe meet the criteria for excellence.

For this year’s awards, Vice-Chancellor Professor Edward Peck explained "The awards provide fitting and deserved recognition for the achievements our colleagues have attained in their respective category. Thank you to this year’s winners for their dedication to making our institution a great place for learning, research and practice-based study."

The criteria for excellence in teaching includes creating memorable and positive learning experiences; being a catalyst for change; and embodying the discipline, practice or profession for students.

In the area of research, nominees are chosen based on a successful record of research outputs; clear evidence of leadership achievements in the advancement and promotion of research; evidence of current or potential research impact; and sustained success in securing external research funding relative to career stage.

For practice, nominees are assessed against three criteria: excellence; engagement; and impact. This award covers the entire breadth of academic practice at NTU, involving many disciplines and external settings. The award considers the impact of the practice on external reputation, evaluating how it may contribute to improving public policy and people’s lives beyond NTU.

Once nominations are received, the subsequent shortlisting and selection process involves gathering supporting information and student feedback, seeking approval from School Executive teams, conducting observation sessions, and finally, an awards selection panel comprising our Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Heads of College.

Dr Samantha Ward, winner of the ‘Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Award’ and ‘Vice-Chancellor’s Outstanding Practice Award’ told us “I am excited to receive both awards as they are both components that are really important to me both personally and professionally.”

Sarah Broadberry
Dr Sarah Broadberry, Principal Lecturer Animal Sciences and Vet Nursing

“I come from a zoo-industry background and making the decision to leap back into academia was a difficult one, switching animals for students! I have always been torn between industry and academia but feel that my position at NTU allows me the opportunity to maintain both. Receiving these awards confirms to me that I am contributing successfully to both of these areas and having a positive influence over the zoo industry professionals of the future (i.e. our graduates)”, Sam added.

“My teaching nomination was based on continually striving to provide updated scientific knowledge to students in a variety of methods, encouraging high student engagement and enjoyment. The practice nomination was due to my strong commitment to working with the zoo industry in a variety of ways. This includes sitting on the government advisory committee (ZEC) as well as transferring knowledge through the writing of books, book chapters and journal articles that are relevant and informative for practitioners and professionals within the industry.”

Dr Sarah Broadberry, Principal Lecturer for Animal Sciences and Vet Nursing also won 'Vice-Chancellor’s Outstanding Teacher Award for an Established Teacher'.

The achievements of this year’s winners will be recognised during future Graduation Ceremonies and each will receive a contribution towards further developing their interests.

“I have recently taken on leading the Teaching & Practice pathway and the Athena Swan at the School of Animal Rural and Environmental Sciences so I am excited to build up the industry focus as well as helping to ensure gender and race equality on our campus”, Sam concluded.

The Vice-Chancellor Awards give us an opportunity to celebrate some of the extraordinary activity and accomplishments demonstrated by colleagues across teaching, research and practice. Congratulations to all of our winners.

The Vice-Chancellor Awards for Teaching, Research and Practice 2021: Winners from the School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences

Published on 21 July 2021
  • Subject area: Animal, equine and wildlife
  • Category: Staff; School of Animal, Rural and Environmental Sciences

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