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Product Design Masters 2021 Student Spotlight: Dasha Tuzova

Student Spotlight featuring MA Design: Products and Furniture student, Dasha Tuzova, and her project, Ala.

About Dasha:

Throughout years I have developed a passion for everything creative from furniture and interior design to illustration. My projects are inspired by observation of daily experiences and the desire to improve them. Stylistically, my work draws influences from minimalism, Scandinavian design and geometric compositions.

I enjoy challenging existing design solutions by experimenting with the form.

Due to my natural interest in psychology, I have developed an approach that encompasses co-design and behavioural studies. This way, I ensure the usability of my designs.


This project endeavoured to design a domestic furniture unit for working days when people tend to feel the least motivated to put clothes away in the wardrobe. The approach was based on behavioural and co-design practices in order to encourage an intuitive relationship between the product and the user.

The design drew inspiration from chair ergonomics, as this is a unit that appears to ‘attract’ clothing, as well as organic forms such as flowers and butterflies.

Ala is a customisable product to ensure that it fits with a range of personal preferences and interiors.

The product can be made from contrasting sycamore and walnut, or fully from either of the timber types.

Joints are to be powder coated to the colour of choice.

In addition, the parts can be added or removed depending on one’s unique requirements.

See more of Dasha’s work at the Product Design Masters 2021 Showcase

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