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Apprentice Spotlight - Jennifer Fawley, Social Worker Apprentice

Each month, we will share insights from one of our apprentices, focusing on a specific course area. Our first spotlight shines on Jenny Fawley at Nottinghamshire County Council, who started her Level 6 Social Worker Apprenticeship at NTU in January 2021.

social work apprenticeship

Knowledge and experience

Below, Jenny outlines how the course is helping her to develop her existing skills, acquire new knowledge and transfer experience:

‘When I joined the apprenticeship course, my job role also changed. Initially I was a Social Work Support Officer (SWSO) which was an admin-based job supporting social workers. Whilst I was familiar with a family's journey through social care, I did not have the experience of being part of each stage and would generally only know this through bits of work I would do.

The course provided me with the knowledge and tools to model myself to be the best professional I can be for the families I work with. Personally, I have been able to reflect on my own lived-in experiences, my values, and ethics, and see how these can contribute to my practice going forward.'

Relationship building

Jenny feels that building a connection with her co-workers and the families that she works with is a key component of her course.

She explains: 'Something I have really taken away with me from the course so far, is the value of relationships and how that shapes the impact of the work we do with the families.  I value the personal aspect of the course; the tutors all have experience of practicing within social care and apply this to the modules they teach. It is beneficial to hear real stories and be able to discuss the steps taken, the decisions made and the outcome.

I can see a positive difference from starting the course to my practice now and this is reflected in supervisions and discussions I have with my tutor and manager. Whilst I have a lot to learn, I feel the first year has been a good starting point and has lay the foundation of my future studies and the social worker I aspire to be.'

Useful literature

Recognising and embodying the value of collaboration and partnership working, course leader Emma Reith-Hall has collected and edited contributions for a social work apprenticeship book due out in January 2022. Members of the NTU social work apprenticeship community - Kelly Centro (year 2 apprentice), Tom Davies (year 1 apprentice), Daniela Scotece (Director of Safe Roots Housing CIC), Tansy Gerrity (Senior Training and education Officer, Derby City Council, Children’s Workforce) and Heloise Miller (Expert by Experience) - were among the contributors.

The book will be particularly helpful for people considering applying for the social work apprenticeship degree and those who are just embarking on this exciting route into the social work profession.

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Published on 8 November 2021
  • Category: Business