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NTU Mansfield Challenge week with The Pythian Club and YMCA – Tackling issues surrounding young people in the community

NTU in Mansfield partnered up with The Pythian Club and YMCA to tackle the issues surrounding young people in the local community

NTU Mansfield Challenge
NTU/Mansfield challenge

During this academic year, NTU in Mansfield partnered up with The Pythian Club and YMCA to tackle the issues surrounding young people in the local community. YMCA tasked the students in finding out what young people think about the YMCA and the services they offer.  The Pythian Group tasked the students to give recommendations on improving the website and what could be done to help young people attend youth clubs.

YMCA provide the critical foundations that are needed for a fresh, strong start for young people. This helps young people as it gives them a fair and equal opportunity. There are essential building blocks for a full and rewarding life which include a safe home; acceptance; guidance; friendship; physical and mental health; academic support; employment skills; and access to real opportunities.

The Pythian Clubs key aim is to provide sustainability and unique programmes that directly work towards ending youth violence. They do this by providing art, sport and educational programs which are underpinned by mentoring supporting issues that help improve the life for young people in the community. They work closely with young people and address social, educational and health needs which helps them play a big role in society.

Lee Bodee who is the Lead Outreach at Pythian club group Nottingham has commented on the approach used regarding areas that are more deprived and negatively impacted. Lee tells us “The work done by the students will impact us massively, the students at NTU in Mansfield saved us on months of research which be impactful and allow them to help out with social media and contacting those people”

“We let the students lead on this and it’s been amazing seeing the insights they have captured, they went above and beyond for us and came up with ideas that would not have been thought of previously”.

Here is what the FdA Education students had to say regarding this challenge and how it has benefitted them:

Sarah Huxley “Now we’ve done it and know it’s going to help, good to support the community and beneficial to the area and the people who live here”.

Mikeala Scott “In education kids are the future, happy to be involved in this and what support we can give to improve for them. Really insightful to see how we can make a difference when we going into teaching”.

Jessica Taiwo “Doing the research it opened my eyes to what is happening in the area and a lot that needs to be improved – more motivated to get involved and make a difference”.

Regarding the findings of this challenge Jo Bradley who is the Director of Corporate Development and Fundraising at YMCA in Nottinghamshire has mentioned “The research that has been conducted by the students at NTU in Mansfield will help to provide a better understanding of the website and offer further support to young people which in turn assists them in shaping their futures.

Following this challenge, the students at NTU in Mansfield have been able to provide the YMCA with a fresh outlook on how the YMCA and The Pythian Group are able to support and offer their services to young people to build strong foundations to lead into adult life.

Published on 30 March 2022