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Showcase 2022 Student Spotlight: Anna Cookman

Student Spotlight featuring BArch (Hons) Architecture student, Anna Cookman and her project, Harmony in Education

Harmony in Education by Anna Cookman

BArch (Hons) Architecture

The Meadows, Nottingham, is an area comprising higher than average levels of poverty, and child deprivation is a particular issue within the local community.  To improve children’s prospects for the future, education is key, and a community space which incorporates access to early years education in a novel way, free at the point of entry, would be a way of supporting this.

This project aims to enrich early education and lives of young people by designing a building which incorporates a Nursery and Music School which link to one another through sound and music and includes a music venue for use by the wider community.

The architectural design within the building encourages children to be creative and expressive through their own exploration of music and play, and in interaction with the building itself, and provides spaces dedicated to stages of cognitive development to support personal development both intellectually and practically to promote a sense of general wellbeing and self-esteem.

Anna Cookman, creator, said: “Having enjoyed my own experience of higher education in Nottingham at University, I feel as if it is important that all children have equal opportunities of engaging and receiving a good education to help provide them with good prospects in the future. My project aims at aiding this journey of education from a young age and exposing them to the benefits and enjoyment of music that they may not have otherwise received.”

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