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Nottingham Law School host research roundtable

On Tuesday 14 June, Nottingham Law School hosted a roundtable to receive feedback from key stakeholders on a Arts and Humanities Research Council project.

AHRC roundtable attendees
Roundtable attendees

Nottingham Law School recently hosted a roundtable to receive feedback from key stakeholders following the completion of a draft report, Scoping the Future Law and Social Justice: Listening and Hearing from the Frontline. The report, which was commissioned by  by the Arts and Humanities Research Council,  and was based on an interdisciplinary research team comprising staff from Nottingham Law School and NTU’s School of Social Sciences.

The roundtable was one of the final phases of the 8-month scoping review project which aimed to inform the Council of the nature of contemporary research challenges on the broad theme of law and social justice, and make specific recommendations to the Council as how future research funding in the area ought to be prioritsed. The roundtable was attended by around 25 delegates from public, academic and third nature organisations to 'talk back’ to the preliminary recommendations of the research team to ensure that these aligned with the lived experiences of some of the most excluded members of our society. As the report has demonstrates, law, social justice, and humanities are integrally related and affect people’s lives on daily basis, and that future investment by the Council in this important area will help to bring about fundamental change to the lived experiences of our most vulnerable communities.

Published on 29 June 2022
  • Subject area: Law, criminology and justice
  • Category: Nottingham Law School