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Clifton Campus Transformation

Our Clifton Campus has undergone considerable changes since it opened in 1959, at which time it was known as the Nottingham College of Education. Today, the campus hosts a huge range of impressive buildings, tools and technology.

School building lit up at night

The School of Science and Technology benefited from the opening of a state-of-the-art Engineering building in 2019. Designed by Maber Architects, this two storey building boasts cutting edge laboratories, workshops and teaching areas, as well as technical spaces and support areas. The space is the dedicated home of our Department of Engineering and somewhere you will be sure to find the engineers of the future!

2018 marked the opening of a new crime scene training facility, much to the excitement of Forensic Science students and academics. The facility replicates a wide variety of scenarios, allowing students to develop practical skills in forensic investigation, collection and analysis techniques – there is even a back garden in which students can practice ‘body’ recovery work!

Most recently, the exciting new Health and Allied Professions Centre was opened in January this year, as well as the Medical Technologies Innovation Facility in April 2020.

Other redevelopments include the upgrade of The Point Students’ Union in 2018, the launch of the £11 million Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Centre (ISTeC) building,which was awarded a regional construction award in 2018, and the refurbishment of the Refectory in 2016.

What did the Clifton Campus look like during your NTU years? Do you have any ‘throwback’ photos – if so we would love to see them!

Send us your photos of the Clifton Campus for a chance to feature in the next newsletter.

Clifton Campus gallery

  • Image the Erasmus Darwin Building in 1985
    Clifton campus regeneration
    Construction of the Erasmus Darwin Building in 1985
  • Image the Erasmus Darwin reception
    Erasmus Darwin reception
    Entrance to the Erasmus Darwin Building in the early 90s
  • Image of the Erasmus Darwin Building from the George Eliot building
    View from George Eliot building
    View of the Erasmus Darwin Building from the old George Eliot building
Published on 25 January 2023
  • Subject area: Sciences including sport sciences
  • Category: School of Science and Technology