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Product Design Masters 2023 Student Spotlight: Dhruv Umesh Valera

Student Spotlight featuring MA Design: Products and Furniture student, Dhruv Umesh Valera, and his project, Verso.

Dhruv smiling at the camera

About Dhruv:

I am an aspiring individual who is actively engaged in work and studying the field of product and furniture design.

I am relentlessin the pursuit of knowledge. And coupled with the flair for creative thinking and for seeing things from unique perspectives,this has consistently defined my approach.

I thrive on transforming ideas into tangible concepts, driven by innovation and dedicated to delivering meaningful aesthetics that create memorable experience.

Dhruv Designs Displayed


This design is a transformative, adaptable children's furniture piece that caters to evolving needs such as play and study, promoting cognitive and motor skills development.

It prioritizes sustainability and circular design principles by utilizing eco-friendly materials and facilitating easy part replacement for customization or upgrades.

It considers longevity and parental convenience, ensuring extended usability.

See more of Dhruv's work on the NTU Product Masters website.