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Product Design Masters 2023 Student Spotlight: Kamal Ahmed Maruf

Student Spotlight featuring MA Design: Products and Furniture student, Kamal Ahmed Maruf, and his project, Now And Then: Reimagining Lace in Outdoor Seating.

Maruf smiling at the camera

About Maruf:

I am Maruf, a passionate postgraduate student at Nottingham Trent University specializing in Product and Furniture Design. Embracing my love for crafts.

I recently completed a captivating project on outdoor seating, drawing inspiration from the intricate lace heritage of Nottingham.

Join me as I explore the intersection of tradition and innovation in my creative journey.

New bench design

Now And Then: Reimagining Lace in Outdoor Seating

Introducing Now And Then: Reimagining Lace in Outdoor Seating.

Drawing inspiration from the rich lace heritage of Nottingham, I crafted a collection of outdoor seating that seamlessly blends traditional lace motifs with contemporary design elements.

Join me on a journey that celebrates the timeless beauty of lace in a modern context.

New bench design

See more of Maruf’s work on the NTU Product Masters website.