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Product Design Masters 2023 Student Spotlight: Khadijah Mohammed

Student Spotlight featuring MA Design: Products and Furniture student, Khadijah Mohammed, and her project, Infinity.

Khadijah smiling at the camera

About Khadijah:

I am a product designer with a passion for harnessing design to deliver practical solutions to real problems.

I values a human-centred approach to my work and my ultimate ambition is to create lasting, sustainable products and systems within Africa.

I am excited to contribute my innovative ideas and technical knowledge to my projects.

Khadijah final designs rendered


The project is focused on combating energy poverty in rural communities with a creative and sustainable design of a solar system which integrates lightning and a fan to improve air quality and nighttime security.

I strived to provide clean, reliable, and affordable energy access to those most in need. Through research and innovation, I hope to create a lasting impact on global energy poverty.

Khadijah final designs rendered

See more of Khadijah's work on the NTU Product Masters website.