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Nottingham Civic Exchange aims to be the place to influence debate and discussion, we co-produce research and expert comment with NTU academics on a wealth of topics and share this information here.

We support academics and our partners to submit evidence to Parliamentary Select Committees and other Commissions and Inquiries and can support you to submit evidence in your area of expertise. We aim to keep up to date with current calls and welcome enquiries to support submissions from research groups, partners and individual academics. Submissions to governments can be a highly successful method of attracting impact for your research and was the single most cited example of research impact for REF 2014.

A selection of publications from Nottingham Civic Exchange and the submissions we have supported are available to download here:


Addressing Economic Insecurity
Working with the RSA we have produced this report which makes the case that economic insecurity is a political, economic and societal challenge that public policy must understand and address. This report develops the policy background surrounding our Out of the Ordinary programme of work.
January 2018

D2N2 Inclusive Growth Plan: Considerations for the Strategic Economic Plan
With NTU's Economic Strategy Research Bureau and the RSA, we produced a report highlighting the potential of taking an inclusive growth model for the LEPs new Strategic Economic Plan. 
November 2017

The technicalities of Out of the Ordinary income and earnings data
Following the publication of our first report from Out of the Ordinary, we are publishing a more detailed technical paper which showcases the detail behind this first reports work on income and earnings.
August 2017

Out of the Ordinary
Exploring the lives of ordinary working families
June 2017

Evidence Submissions

The Changing Arctic inquiry
Professor Elizabeth Kirk and Nottingham Civic Exchange
The Environmental Audit Committee
June 2018

Sustainable seas inquiry
Professor Elizabeth Kirk and Nottingham Civic Exchange
The Environmental Audit Committee
May 2018

Sustainable seas inquiry
Oliver Yambo (MERGeR Research Assitant) and Nottingham Civic Exchange
The Environmental Audit Committee
May 2018

Hand Car Washes
Professor Ian Clark and Nottingham Civic Exchange
The Environmental Audit Committee
May 2018

Online abuse and the experience of disabled people
Dr Loretta Trickett and Nottingham Civic Exchange
The Petitions Committee
April 2018

Impact of social media and screen-use on young people's health
Associate Professor Lucy Betts, Dr Sarah Buglass, Dr Eiman Kanjo, Clare Lushey, Professor Carrie Paechter and Ella Worthington
The Science and Technology Committee
March 2018

Sexual harassment of women and girls in public places
Associate Professor Lucy Betts, Rachel Harding, Dr Sheine Peart, Dr David Wright and Dr Loretta Trickett, Nottingham Trent University, and Catarina Sjolin, University of Leicester
The Women and Equalities Committee
February 2018

Older people and employment inquiry
Associate Professor Maria Karanika-Murray and Nottingham Civic Exchange
The Women and Equalities Committee
November 2017

Alternative provision inquiry
Professor Carrie Paechter, Matt Varley, Steven Sharp and Dr Chris Rolph from Nottingham Trent University, and Eleanor Tweedie from Children's Hospital School Queens Medical Centre and City
The Education Committee
November 2017

Citizens and civic engagement inquiry
Professor Matt Henn, Dr Jason Pandya-Wood and Nottingham Civic Exchange
Lords Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement
October 2017

Future of supported housing inquiry
Professor Andromachi Tseloni and Nottingham Civic Exchange
The Work & Pensions and Communities & Local Government Committees
May 2017

Policing for the future
Dr Loretta Trickett, Dr Paul Hamilton and Nottingham Civic Exchange
Home Affairs Committee Inquiry
May 2017

Selective licensing scheme for private rented houses consultation
Professor Andromachi Tseloni and Nottingham Civic Exchange
Nottingham City Council
March 2017

Inclusive Growth Commission evidence call
Nottingham Civic Exchange
Inclusive Growth Commission
December 2016

If you would like support to submit evidence or wish to share your work, please get in touch.  Nottingham Civic Exchange also supports NTU Academics to submit Oral Evidence to committees and engage with policymakers with their research.

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