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Non-gendered toilets at NTU

Public statement for colleagues, students and visitors

At NTU we aim to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all of our students, colleagues and visitors, and our values of dignity and respect underpin everything we do. Anyone on any of our campuses should feel free to use the toilet facilities that they feel comfortable using and which align with their gender identity, without question.

We understand that some people may not want to use gendered (specific men’s or women’s) toilet facilities, and we have a number of non-gendered, single-occupancy facilities which can be identified by the signage on the door: ‘Toilet’, without any gendered symbols. These are self-contained, with floor to ceiling walls, sanitary disposal units and sink/hand dryers included.

Sign that will be on non-gendered toilets which says:

Over 54% of our current buildings have at least one non-gendered toilet, along with men’s, women’s, and non-gendered accessible facilities. We want that percentage to increase, which is why the need for non-gendered, as well as gendered, facilities is considered in all of our new buildings during the planning stages. Our aim is to provide an appropriate range of gendered, non-gendered and accessible facilities as our estate expands and develops.

You can find out where our non-gendered facilities are using the Maze Map.