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Peregrine Falcons

Over twenty years ago, a pair of breeding Peregrine Falcons chose a window ledge of level 9 on NTU’s Newton building as their nesting site. These beautiful birds of prey are legally protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

  • Peregrine Falcon and 2 Eggs 2023
    Peregrine Falcon and 2 Eggs 2023
  • 3 Eggs 2023
  • Male Peregrine (Archie) in Nest Box
  • Falcon Chicks 2022
  • Falcon and Chicks 2022

The Story of the NTU Peregrine Falcons

Peregrine Falcon in Nest Box

For the past 20 years, NTU has partnered with the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust to protect the peregrines and have had the opportunity to follow the falcon's journey through both successful and difficult breeding seasons.

Breeding season runs from March to September and you can watch all the action and follow their journey live our 'falcon cam'. The livestream received more than 1 million views worldwide in 2022!

Since the cameras were installed in 2012, viewers have seen 31 chicks fledge, with 42 chicks fledging in total since the birds took up residence over 20 years ago.

Watch the Peregrine Falcon Live Stream

Peregrines can reach over 200 miles an hour while diving to catch prey, making them the fastest animal in the world!

You can watch their day-to-day behaviour via our falcon webcam.

Falcon Breeding Season 2022

2022 Welcomed Two New Peregrine Falcon Chicks on our Newton Building!

Falcon 2022

Two chicks of our resident falcons, Archie and P9, successfully fledged from the nest box on the 9th Floor of NTU's Newton Building.

Four eggs were laid by P9, but only two eggs hatched. The first egg was laid on 24th March at 5:16pm and the second was laid on 24th March, 5:16pm. A third egg was laid just after 6:00am on the 29th March and a fourth egg arrived on the 31st March at 3:12pm.

After an incubation period of four weeks, the first of the eggs hatched on 3rd May at 7:00am, this was shortly followed by a second egg hatching on the 4th May at 4:00pm.

Regular viewers of the falcon livestream will have seen a more stable year in the nest after last year’s loss of our previous resident female Mrs P and the introduction of P9. Both parents have settled in to their roles and have been taking turns to incubate and feed and can be seen swapping shifts in the nest.

As with every year we pass on our thanks to all NTU members of staff involved in this work as well as the team at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

Falcon Breeding Season 2021

Wow! What a Season 2021 has been for our Urban Peregrine Falcons!

Our resident falcon pair returned as usual to the nest site in early February. The first egg was laid on the 15th March, followed by the second egg arriving on the 17th March. The last sighting of the female (Mrs P) was the 20th March, followed by reports of a dead peregrine found in the Lace Market area of Nottingham City Centre.

A new female peregrine (P9) was spotted at the nest site soon after the disappearance of Mrs P, showing behaviour suggesting a new pairing was forming between her and the resident male peregrine (Archie). This relationship was confirmed on 24th March when mating between P9 and Archie took place. NWT confirmed the identity of the falcon found in the Lace Market was Mrs P and ruled out any foul play in the cause of death.

On the 5th April the first egg was laid by P9. The two eggs previously laid by Mrs P remained in the nest. On the 7th April a second egg was laid by P9. The incubation period began with P9 and Archie taking turns throughout the next few weeks.

On the 5th May the first chick hatched. Unfortunately, this was the only viable egg. Chick was ringed on 27th May and confirmed to be a male; the fledgeling was logged with BTO for future reference and sightings. This chick is the 40th to have successfully fledged from NTU’s nest site.

As with every year we pass on our thanks to all NTU members of staff involved in this work as well as the team at Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.