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Student 2025

Student 2025 is a longitudinal study seeking to explore NTU students' academic experience, social experience, and sense of belonging. This exciting, intensive research project will run for four years, from 2021/22 to 2024/25, following participants through every stage of their student journey.

What is Student 2025?

Student 2025 is a longitudinal study seeking to explore 100 students' academic experience, social experience, and sense of belonging throughout their time at NTU.

Student feedback on year one

The first year of Student 2025 has been received very positively, especially in relation to its longitudinal design. Towards the end of the first year, participants were asked how they had found the experience of taking part in Student 2025 and whether there was anything they would like to see changed. Students have enjoyed the opportunity, as it:

  • provides them with a regular structured, space and time to reflect on their university experience,
  • allows them to influence and contribute to future student experiences,
  • has been easy to engage with, and
  • ensures they feel heard and valued when speaking openly about their experiences.

Student 2025 participants tell us:

I was happy to have been a part Student 2025, I am glad that I took the initiative to become a part of the survey because it made me feel even more a part of NTU. I feel like being part of it made me enjoy the experience of NTU even more because I took note of everything that had happened.

Being part of Student 2025 has allowed me to talk about my university experience and build my confidence.

The focus for the year ahead

Research for the second year will focus on finding out:

  • how students experience a sense of belonging at NTU
  • what can affect students’ ability to participate in social and extra-curricular activity
  • whether part-time work has an impact on students’ ability and motivation to study
  • how aware students are of the support available to them
  • how students define a ‘good outcome’
  • what skills can support Student 2025 participants in their achievement of a good outcome.

In preparation for the next year of Student 2025, the team have reviewed the research questions and made some changes to the running of the project, with an expansion of interview times to allow further provision for students with specific needs. This will help with continued delivering an accessible and engaging research project.