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What is Student 2025?

Student 2025 is a longitudinal study seeking to explore 100 students' academic experience, social experience, and sense of belonging throughout their time at NTU.


This exciting, intensive research project will run for four years, from 2021/22 to 2024/25, following participants as they progress, and monitoring their experience via a combination of questionnaires, interviews and institutionally generated outcome data.

Student 2025 forms part of the activities articulated within NTU’s Access and Participation Plan 2020/21-2024/25. Its function is to enhance understanding of students’ experiences across the undergraduate lifecycle considering the cumulative and long-term effects of institutional interventions and activities undertaken by students, including, but not limited to, Welcome Week, GRIT, CERT mentors and extra-curricular activities.

This project has been designed to firmly centre the student voice within institutional considerations of the factors that influence disparities in outcomes for certain student groups. Whilst conventional evaluation of interventions takes place in-year, Student 2025 offers an opportunity to accompany students on their undergraduate journey, exploring the ways in which they develop across the student lifecycle.

Student 2025 focuses on three target groups:

  1. Black students (APP target 4)
  2. Students from low-participation areas, identified via POLAR4 mapping (APP target 3)
  3. Students from lower socio-economic backgrounds, identified via Indices of Multiple Deprivation mapping (APP target 5).

Analysis indicates that rates of attainment and progression for these students are poorer than for their non-target group peers. Student 2025 aims to generate insight which can inform NTU’s work to address disparities in student outcomes, in line with the institution’s strategic priorities.


Project aims and objectives

Project Aim

To build a holistic understanding of the undergraduate student experience to inform unexplained disparities in outcomes for APP target groups.

Student 2025 Project Aim

Project Objectives

  1. To develop a rich, longitudinal picture of the undergraduate student experience, using a mixed methods approach.
  2. To build a further sophisticated understanding of the unexplained gaps in attainment for Black students, and students from low-participation and lower socio-economic backgrounds.
  3. To generate situated and strategic recommendations which contribute to a reduction in unexplained disparities in student outcomes for APP target groups.
  4. To inform and enhance teaching and student experience practices which support the reduction of unexplained disparities in student outcomes for APP target groups.

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