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Your Student Dashboard

Learn about the NTU Student Dashboard — a simple way to keep track of your engagement, progression, and key academic contacts.

What is the NTU Student Dashboard?

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The NTU Student Dashboard is an online resource that helps you understand how well you are engaging with your studies.

It is a simple tool that takes data from a range of sources to provide a better understanding of how often you engage with your studies and how this compares with other students on your course.

The Dashboard is designed to help your tutor and support services as they work with you. For example, you should expect that in a one-to-one tutorial discussion, your tutor will use the Dashboard in their conversation with you.

As part of our commitment to supporting students we will monitor your engagement so that we can contact you to offer any additional guidance or support.

Frequently asked questions

Access the dashboard to log into NOW.

Click on the Student Dashboard option at the top of the page. This will launch your personal Dashboard.

From here you can view your engagement, attendance, notes left by your tutor and profile information.

The engagement rating in the Dashboard has both the likelihood of completing the year and achieving a good grade.

The Dashboard helps to reflect your engagement with the University. It helps inform your decisions on how you want to engage.

You can also use it find information about who your personal tutor is and how to contact them.

The NTU Student Dashboard measures your engagement in various ways, including:

  • Logging into NOW
  • Logging into NOW Learning Rooms
  • Submitting coursework through the NOW Dropbox
  • Attendance
  • E-book usage
  • Card swipes into buildings
  • Library loans

The Dashboard takes this data and calculates your engagement rating every day. There are five different ratings

  • High (H)
  • Good (G)
  • Partial (P)
  • Low (L)
  • Very Low (V)

These engagement ratings are designed to offer you feedback about your patterns of engagement over time.

Find out more

You can find a range of useful guidance within our Dashboard FAQs section.

You can email us if you have any specific queries: